Today Diana told us the title of book 9 (still a work in progress), it is “Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone”.




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51 thoughts on “Diana Gabaldon Announces The Name of Book Nine.

    1. Me too ! I am fearful of that title ! Even more terrified that I won’t live long enough to read the last two books ! I am old !

  1. Can’t wait! My husband grew up in Appalachia! Love all the history, customs traditions you incorporate into your books!

    1. BC We Live in All The Outlander Books..I Very Excited as Well..The Backstory is Fascinating!!

      1. perhaps not because the son of Gillis born in 1743 come back in 1970 with Mac and Brianna

  2. Now I’m wondering who will be gone. Or maybe someone is born. Either way I will have to be patient and wait.

  3. I don’t like where my mind has gine after reading the title of the 9th book. Sounds kind if final to me.

  4. Oh my, what a magnificent title IT IS THE FINAL BOOK.. The reference to the old saying is really emotional for me. I am truly without words, just overcome by GB’s brilliance. Thank you, your books have filled my life with joy and wonder, and I’ll always have them.

    1. Diana said before book 8, that there are at least 2 more books. That makes this book NOT the last book.

        1. Yes. Ms. G has said it would end in book nine, and we would learn about how Jamie’s ghost was in 1945 Scotland.

      1. she say that tome 9 is for Claire and Jamie, there is a lot of question in tome 8 : Willie and Jamie- John G.-Melton and her nephew Ben and his wife-the new house to build at Fraser Ridge- l’or des Français-……. a lot of intrigues et histoires à démêler….

  5. Yeah !!! I love that you have tied it in with old Celtic customs <3 Can Not Wait to read it. Thank you Diana !

  6. Thanx for the Title of Book #9 –can’t wait until it is published and I can purchase it and start reading ! MOBY ended so beautifully and so hopefully – with, Bree, Roger Mac , Jemmy and wee Mandy coming back to Jamie & Claire -I hope #9 takes up where MOBY left off ! Wonderful books, wonderful series !

  7. Very pleased about the name of book nine – if only to reinforce how important the honey bees are to our existence . We have hives on our Pennsyvania farmlette, & we are reminded daily of their importance to our food supply. Until my husband started beekeeping , we had fruit trees that never produced fruit –
    After a few years with the bees, each tree is heavily laden each summer .
    Anyway, cannot wait for book nine to be out !

  8. What?? Who will go? I always look first on the last page. Can’t start reading when I always fear to lose one of the main characters.

      1. They do go back, how else would Jem’s box get back to Scotland and “the Reverend”?

  9. the death of Jamie? He would follow the celtic customs and he and Bree brought the bees to Claire…….. gosh I hate this thought…I know its a book..but I think I still suffer ptsd from watching Bambi’s mother die…

  10. The first thought that comes to mind is that she dies in book 9. :-\.

  11. Jamie can’t travel thru the stones? Who was standing below the window,watching Claire, in Scotland, on the evening Claire & Frank were on their second honeymoon at the very beginning of the story?

    1. it was Jamie, he told Claire that he saw her brushing her hair in his dream. When Brianna and Mac return to Lallybroch with Jem and Amanda Jamie saw them in his dream..

  12. Jem and Amanda in tome 8 have le don de la telepathy, Perhaps like their grand-père Jamie,

  13. If Buck can return to 20th century with Mac and Brianna, Jamie can do the save thing ?????

  14. I like the concept but I think I’d have liked it better if she’d used the contraction “I’m” as in “Go tell the bees that I’m gone” We’ll probably all say it that way anyway.

  15. Read DG’s website. She (or her webmistress) explains the meaning of why people talk to the bees.

  16. Here I sit breakfasting on lavender honeyed toast, just hoping
    to read the entire saga before someone has to tell the bees that I have gone!

  17. I will read everything over and over, because I just do not want the narrative to ever end! May be I posted this before; I don’t recall, but my feelings are the same. I have become an “invisible person” in every story, just watching!

    1. Connie, there is no firm date, however, a guess would be around the latter half of 2018.

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