What do you think Jamie is saying to Dougal?  Click to see my own opinion. Of course, Jamie is almost always in trouble, but I predict something big will happen to someone else the next episode”Vengeance Is Mine”.

Claire and Jamie are about to be separated again, and as we know, bad things happen when they’re apart. They must devise an plan to avoid being attacked while under siege in a church. Again, Claire must step in with a solution, putting herself forward as an Englishwoman who has been captured by the barbaric Scots in a deal to allow the others to escape. Of course, they promise to find each other again.
Claire, in the course of being taken away by the Redcoats, meets a person very important to the future, plus she catches up with someone from the recent past who means her harm. Dramatic events take place from which the title “Vengeance Is Mine” is derived. Murtagh takes action in this episode which I feel will be full of action and intrigue, but don’t let it go to your head.


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