!!!SPOILER ALERT!!! We are noe’ taking the slave ken as Polly tae’ live with the Indians so she tis’ no hung. As we travel up, up into the mountains Jamie an Myers decide tae separate. Myers an Ian are taking Polly north tae the Indian territory while Jamie an Claire head in the opposite direction.

They camp fer the night an beginning tae settle in when Claire feels something tis behind her an Jamie looks up…..omg tis a black bear. Noe’ what do we do? Fight it of course, aye? Jamie tis fighting the bear when Claire spots the fish. She runs over an starts beating the bear on the nose with the fish….really lass..a fish?? The bear reacts an pushes her tae’ the ground while Jamie had a dead lock on the bear. She hears a grunt an believe it tis from Jamie so she starts screaming oot his name. Tis no Jamie an the bear tis dead. Thankfully he (Jamie, no the bear) tis only hurt a wee bit…phew!!

Yes, I know this is not Jamie… Give me a break! This season of Outlander isn’t even being shot yet!

She runs tae the stream tae get some water when he calls oot her name (Jamie, no the bear). She looks up an three Indians are standing near Jamie. The older one points tae the knife an than the bear an looks at Jamie who nods. The Indian tis quite impressed. Soon enough the whisky tis passed around an so tis the pipe. Let the party begin.

Jamie divides the bear meat as the party continues an supper tis served. Soon enough poor Claire tis so sleepy she cannae’ stay awake. Tae’ much whisky lass? Such a party pooper, aye? When she wakes up tis morning an the Indians are gone. She gets up tae get her comb when she realises Jamie had his way with her while she twas asleep. No wonder he tis still asleep with a smile on his face, busy night lad? Way tae’ go lad…kill a bear, party with yer new friends, then have ye woman tae? Och!!! Time tae read on….more later….Slainte!!
Credit to Michael MacGregor

We’re very proud of Michael, our musings man! A true Scot from the Isle of Skye tending his farm with 600 sheep, some goats, assorted sheep dogs, his pet dog Scruffy and wonder horse Thor. Liam the sheep can be very naughty, running away to be with the coos, but Michael still finds time to read and share his musings with us, all while raising his daughter! Thank you Michael!

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