We are sailing down the river an Jamie tells Claire that his Aunt wants ta have him inherit her plantation, River Run. He no really want tae do this because tis no his like Lallybroch twas before Culloden. He ask Claire her opinion an she tells him tis no her choice but kens he shall make the right decision an adds he is a guid man but he feels he tis a violent man because o’ his past.

Than he tells her that the overseer died from lockjaw. Claire becomes verra upset because Jamie tells her he would no allowed her tae visit him anyway because o’ beliefs there. Claire becomes verra upset when he tells her he would no allowed her tae go tend tae’ him anyway. Than she really gets pissed off.

Sorry Claire, I agree with yer man on this. Remember the witch trials lass?

So we sail along in silence. Aye, when ye have a lass pissed off with ye tis better tae say nothing. When they arrive at the saw mill Jamie kens something tis wrong. Soon enough they find a young lass whom had a botched abortion an Claire kens she will die because o’ her blood loss. An she does. So many more adventures are coming our way so read on me friends. An until next time…..Slainte!!😊

Credit to Michael MacGregor

We’re very proud of Michael, our musings man! A true Scot from the Isle of Skye tending his farm with 600 sheep, some goats, assorted sheep dogs, his pet dog Scruffy and wonder horse Thor. Liam the sheep can be very naughty, running away to be with the coos, but Michael still finds time to read and share his musings with us, all while raising his daughter! Thank you Michael!

“Michael’s Musings” are first published on our Facebook Group


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