This is the first post of many I hope written by guest writer Michael MacGregor from the stunning Isle of Skye. Michael first posted in our Facebook group,

However, I felt his fun take on the books needed to be preserved. So he now has a home here too! Thank you Michael!

!! SPOILER ALERT !!!! We are noe’ at Jocasta’s party tae’ welcome Jamie an Claire. It takes Claire’s breath away when she sees Jamie when she sees Jamie in a full Highland Regalia. He looks tae’ her the same way he did on their wedding day only a wee bit aulder. She kens he no wear kilts since Culloden.

She kens something tis wrong an he no able tae’ say. But he does tell her if he signals her tae’ cause a diversion. So noe’ the guest start tae’ arrive an guess whom shows up? Phillip Wylie….remember him? He turns on the charms again but Claire ignores him. She finds oot he tis only 25, och!! This lad tis really a wanker an into aulder lasses apparently, aye?

Soon the dinner begins. Than suddenly there tis confusion. Guess who shows up this time? Remember the mountain man John Quincy Myers who they met in town an Clare examined his hernia? Jamie’s friend Duncan also apologises because Myers tis dead drunk an ready fer his surgery than he promptly passes oot in front o’ everyone, lol. Wylie states….what a waste o’ guid brandy an Claire tells him tae bugger off….guid lass, lol. She prepares tae’ do the surgery in front o’ all the guests. Than we read aboot the procedure an tae’ Claire tis only her an her patient. Soon enough tis done an all goes guid.

She tis totally exhausted but the party tis still going strong. Jamie tells her tae’ meet him in the herb garden which she does after checking on Myers. As they walk he tells her tae’ hear the frogs whom are singing an he sings back tae’ them. Claire tells him she no ken he spoke frog an he say an he says….no way fluent though have a fine accent if I do say. Then he tells her why he wanted her tae’ make a diversion earlier. I shall let ye read why fer yerself, aye?They decide tae’ go for a row on the river. Than the action really begins. I have read on further but shall save that adventure fer later….Slainte!!

About Michael…
We’re very proud of Michael, our musings man! A true Scot from the Isle of Skye tending his farm with 600 sheep, some goats, assorted sheep dogs, his pet dog Scruffy and wonder horse Thor. Liam the sheep can be very naughty, running away to be with the coos, but Michael still finds time to read and share his musings with us, all while raising his daughter! Thank you Michael!

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