!!!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Still reading Voyager an verra exciting. Jamie an Claire are finally united aboard the Artemis. Soon enough the adventures begin when pirates board their ship an Jamie tells Claire an Marsali tae go below an stay there. Well guess who no listen tae him… again. she ends up getting hurt an Mr. Willoughby uses acupuncture tae sew Claire up. Will this lass ever listen tae her man an do what told?? NO!! Jamie asks Claire if she tis hurting an when she tells him that she tis he answers tis guid because Murtagh said it no hurt tae die. Than he begins tae relive his time at Culloden. “His eyes were empty shadows an I knew he walked Drumossie Moor again, with the ghosts”. I have heard the many stories an this twas hard tae read when ye had clan die there. In many o’ the pubs here in the Highlands these stories continue as if Culloden just happened a few months ago instead o’ 271 years ago.   Anyway, have ye ever had “Turtle Soup”?? I will let ye read that fer yerself but would no mind some meself. We finally arrive at Jarred’s plantation. A few days later they attend the Governors Ball. Mr. Willoughby enjoys the attention o’ the ladies until one tis murdered. Jamie tis taken away fe questioning aboot his Chinaman. Claire thinks Lord John Grey an Jamie are in luv with each other by a conversation she overhears. Soon she learns their real connection when LJG tells her that Jamie has a son named William an shows her his photo……Och!!!

Credit to Vera Adxer of Outlander Love and Art on Facebook

About Michael… We’re very proud of Michael, our musings man! A true Scot from the Isle of Skye tending his farm with 600 sheep, some goats, assorted sheep dogs, his pet dog Scruffy and wonder horse Thor. Liam the sheep can be very naughty, running away to be with the coos, but Michael still finds time to read and share his musings with us, all while raising his daughter! Thank you Michael! Michael’s Musings are originally published on https://www.facebook.com/groups/Outlander.online/

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