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The producers and writers of Outlander are perhaps pondering this old saying. Why? In which seems like an attempt to further dramatise the already dramatic plot of Outlander in Season 1 they turned a naive 16 year old girl into a unredeemable scheming plotter. The young girl in question, while not totally innocent, was portrayed quite differently to the author’s intent. While this might have made for devious TV fodder, it tinkered with the storyline to the extent that specific future events become hard to comprehend, like Jamie being willing to marry (when much older) the said scheming plotter.

“Book Jamie” does not know the silly young girl, Laoghaire, was responsible for writing the note which led Claire to Geillis at a time when Geillis was about to be accused of witchcraft. While “TV Laoghaire” actually has a satisfied gleam in her eyes as she sees Claire dragged off to the thieves’ hole along with Geillis. And, later at the trial we see TV Laoghaire sneering at Claire as she gives direct evidence against her. To “Book Claire” Laoghaire is quickly forgotten, a mere nuisance.


For all the words I could put together Diana Gabaldon is obviously the best person to comment on this debacle!

There was a feeble attempt to “redeem” Laoghaire in Season 1, episode 8 “The Fox’s Lair”, but all I felt after that episode was that she was even more sly, with fake regret, more scheming and a final bitter “under her breath” comment when she saw Jamie again (which definitely did not happen in the book). I’m not getting into a TV verses Book thing here, it’s a particular choice which was made by the producers and writers with a short term vision of producing “dramatic TV”. So, here we are on the cusp of Outlander, Season 3, knowing there is a big problem! Why would Jamie marry a woman who tried to have the love of his life burned at the stake? Sure, we can try to blame Jenny for her manipulation. Jenny was acting out of love for Jamie who was bereft of the kind of love she could not provide for him. However, “TV Laoghaire” should never have been considered a contender as a wife for Jamie after her shameful and unforgivable attempt to get Claire killed.

So, how do Ron D. Moore, Maril Davis and the writers dig themselves out of this hole? A hole as big as, and as damp, dark and cold as, the thieves’ hole itself?

Jamie, as we well know, is our selfless and honourable Laird. How many times has he sacrificed himself for others? Given this trait in Jamie, it seems to me the only way for him to marry “TV Laoghaire” would be as an act to save her, and perhaps more importantly, her daughters, from a terrible fate. I can imagine such a fate may include trouble from men wearing redcoats. Otherwise, I canna see our Jamie easily betraying the memory of his beloved Claire.

Of course, this is pure conjecture on my part, so as we await Outlander, Season 3 perhaps you could also consider a solution to this problem, uncharacteristically (for the TV show) created by altering part of Diana’s story. We congratulate the producers for making Murtagh a bigger character, and other positive tinkering, but the Laoghaire situation is difficult!

Yes, I did add a spoiler alert, however I really do think this should be redundant as the book has been very well read since its publication in 1993, so it’s contents are hardly news.

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7 thoughts on “Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave…

  1. I think you are partially right, but I also think they increased Laoghaire ‘ s part in order to keep the character alive in our minds thru season2. This allowed them to also keep the actress attached to the show. I think they will play down her actions toward Claire, and in Season 2, Claire seemed to have forgiven Laoghaire when she asked Jamie to talk to her.

  2. Laoghaire did help Jamie and Claire by talking to young Simon Fraser who was attracted to her . She convinced him to stand up to his father the Old Fox and say that he thought that Clan Fraser should join the Jacobites to rebel against the British.

  3. So Laoghaire indirectly helped to convince Lord Lovat to send his men to fight on the Jacobite side against the British.That is why Claire had Jamie go and say thank you to Laoghaire at the end of Episode 8 in Season 2 .

  4. Great points that I have been pondering as well. Though I do have to admit that I am looking forward to seeing Laoghaire plump and old looking as she is described in the book, while Claire probably looks better than 20 years ago!! That’s going to be epic! And Claire has always ruled Jamie’s heart, so that now has to be evident regardless of the unfortunate incident of marrying “the villain”.

  5. It is completely out of character for Jamie to marry someone who was so malicious to his beloved Sassenach. The only thing that would compel him to marry Laoghaire is if he had to provide protection for her. He would see it as his duty. The book does mention Jamie was in Ardsmuir prison with Loaghaire’s second husband. Perhaps they will create a scenario where Jamie promises her husband that he will take care of Laoghaire and her daughters if he is able. And as a man of honor, if he gives his word he will follow through on his promise.

  6. I think he would marry her to protect her and if she cried and tells him how sorry she was about what she did to Claire. However it is truly unbelievable that he would marry her and if she did say she was sorry, we know she wouldn’t mean it and she is still a horrible person. Good luck writers.

  7. I’m reading the books now, and NOT happy with Jamie & Claire still having “issues’ with the spiteful little hag!!! I want her gone, but so far no such luck in the books.

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