I know this is old news, but someone asked the question of how to pronounce Sam Heughan’s name and in the process of finding that information I found this article, which is informative on the issue of casting as well as pronunciation. The original source is Signature.com, the words are Diana Gabaldon’s own.

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4 thoughts on “Outlander – Casting Sam Heughan and how to pronounce his name

  1. Thank you so much for casting Jaime and Claire. They have the same ability as Specer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn’s That is they make you believe. Kudos to everyone on the series

  2. Just saw this and I think Sam is perfect as Jamie. Underscored when I had my picture with him . Watched some Season 1, okay 107, and he looks like the young man needed. He is now the man, living with 20 years of experiences.

  3. Sam Heughan is one of the very few actors who can so completely disappear into his character that you can’t tell it’s him and I have seen him in several performances starting with “A Princess for Christmas.” Caitrona Balfe can also do this. We are so blessed to have these two extremely talented actors as Jamie and Claire.

  4. Sam and Caitriona make Jamie and Claire as real to me as my own family. Astonishing.

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