The signs were there! This video shows the way!

I see signs now all the time
That you’re not dead, you’re sleeping
I believe in anything
That brings you back home to me…

Lyrics: Bloc Party
Video: Briony

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One thought on “Outlander Fan Video – Signs

  1. This is beautifully done….like Starz created it as a ‘holding position’ while we are waiting the extra week. I think the choice of music is especially impactful — it has a unique beat and is not ‘sugar sweet’ lovesick gush like so much Outlander youtube compilations. You are, yet again, to be praised for this top-notch site. I don’t know who you are but the site is so beautifully crafted. I can only imagine you are an expert somewhere in the IT community to be producing such lovely quality — it would make Jamie and Claire very proud!

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