This is a podcast by Mary and Blake of Outlandercast interviewing Tara Bennett, the author of the book “The Making of Outlander”. So thanks to them for this great interview.

Hosts Mary and Blake are joined by Tara Bennett – New York Times Bestselling author, adjunct professor, producer, and editor to discuss her latest book – The Making Of Outlander. In this episode, you’ll learn all about, how she got specific and unparalleled access to the actors and creative team of Outlander, her writing process, stories and anecdotes that did not make it into the book, why she is the keeper of the gate when it comes to a show’s secrets, finding a proper narrative for the book, trying to do right by the entire crew, especially Ira Behr, Sam, and Tobias Menzies, how she rates the Outlander fandom in comparison to all the other fandoms she has written for, and much more.

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