!!!! SPOILER ALERT !!!! Jamie an Claire are living on the mountain. Jamie finds the land he wants tae’ be theirs an tis verra excited but Claire tis no an has her doubts. Trust yer man, Claire. Jamie an wee Ian begin tae build the cabin. Myers returns with supplies an brings Duncan tae’, along with supplies an a feather bed. Later they do the blessing o’ the hearth, an auld tradition. Building continues an one afternoon they have Indians come tae’ visit. They become friendly an exchange gifts. The aulder lad calls Jamie the “Bear Killer”. Soon the lasses are talking an the aulder tells the younger one something that she interperts fer Claire. She tells her o’ the dream the aulder lass had aboot Claire, that she tis the White Raven. WOW, bet ye are excited tae’ learn what this tis all aboot, aye? Wait, ye thought I twas gonnae’ tell ye? Ahhhh, no..ye must read it fer yerself. They finally get the roof on just in time before it snows. They are laying in bed one night when Jamie jumps up an yells “Again”. It seems there tis a leak an drop fell on Jamie. Instead o’ waiting until morning Jamie intends tae fix it noe’. Claire tells him he no going oot in his guid shirt so he strips it off an has nothing on. Can ye just imagine that? Tis snowing hard an ye come across a cabin where a lad tis on the roof…naked, Och!! Talk aboot a full moon shining against the snow, or wolves come upon this scene well that would make them leave in a hurry, aye? Our story tis ending fer noe’ as Jamie gets the roof fixed an jumps back in bed wrapping his freezing body against Claire an promptly falls asleep. Slainte fer noe’

Credit to Michael MacGregor

We’re very proud of Michael, our musings man! A true Scot from the Isle of Skye tending his farm with 600 sheep, some goats, assorted sheep dogs, his pet dog Scruffy and wonder horse Thor. Liam the sheep can be very naughty, running away to be with the coos, but Michael still finds time to read and share his musings with us, all while raising his daughter! Thank you Michael!

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