Once again I am grateful to the knowledgeable folks at Gold Derby for their interview with Caitriona.

Topics – Critic’s Choice Award Nominations
Robert Licuria asks Caitriona to reveal all… Good try Robert!
Caitriona teases us about dragging out Jamie and Claire’s long-awaited reunion. Caitriona thinks the fans will be happy.
Outlander will be going to South Africa to film the Jamaica part of Voyager, and the sea voyage. On playing a great love story…Outlander embraces the romance, but wants to keep the characters grounded, not on an unrealistic pedestal.
Amanda gets it right by describing Outlander fans as some of the most devoted fans… And we hear about an unusual fan interaction.
Caitriona marvels at the scale of the production of Outlander, the emotion of the goodbye scene at the stones in the Season 2 finale, and poor Frank… and much more.

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