There has been some “stuff” going on about relationships, I’m not commenting further except to state what we, at believe.

  • We believe Diana Gabaldon wrote a wonderful series of novels (and novellas, and a two more books to come, Yay!).
  • We believe Outlander is a great TV series based on the books. Seasons 1 & 2 and 3 are already created, Season 4 is currently being filmed.
  • We believe Jamie and Claire are fictional characters, both in the book and TV series. Though there are a least three characters (maybe even more) in the book series who are based on real people.
  • We believe Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are actors playing the parts of Jamie and Claire. We do not confuse acting with real life.



    • We believe as actors, Sam and Caitriona are required to attend various fan functions, press events, exhibition openings and TV interviews as part of their jobs as actors, further, we believe this does NOT make them a couple in real life. We do not tolerate comments about “shipping” (derived from relationSHIP) where some insist that actors portraying characters in a fictional relationship are in a relationship in real life. We do not do that here.
    • We don’t post pictures of the actors posing for fan photos in the street or similar, out of respect for their right to privacy. Though we do post images of them where they are involved in professional photo shoots for work purposes (furthering their careers) and behind the scenes shots while on set, pictures taken at award ceremonies and similar industry events and functions, pictures used in online and hard copy magazines, these all being promotional work for Outlander.
    • We may share photos the Outlander cast and crew have made available to the public on social media.
    • We do not keep track of the current location of any member of the cast or crew or their families. Nor do we discuss where they live.
    • We are NOT a gossip site and we do not perpetuate rumours. We do not allow articles we seek to do so, even those which repeatedly say they are not together, thereby perpetuating the conversation.
    • We believe the cast has great on screen chemistry (great casting), and because we don’t know them personally (and have no right to) think they’re probably friends, like lots of work associates are, and that is the end of the matter.

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18 thoughts on “Outlander Relationships

  1. And I’m so glad this is what you believe….and is why I continue to repost your articles on Peakers Outlander, Scotland, and Its Clans. We are a closed group comprised of My Peak Challenge members and highly respect our MPC founder Sam Heughan.

  2. I’m so glad you remain unbiased and treat Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe as they deserve and with respect.. It is because of this that I regularly repost your articles and photos on a closed facebook group that was started called Peakers Outlander, Scotland, and Its Clans. Our group is comprised of members from the goal orientated group Sam Heughan founded called My Peak Challenge or MPC. Thank you for your quality posts.

  3. I am really glad you posted this. Screen (TV or film) actors are in our lives more than most of our families. They are on TV, in the paper, in magazines etc. We see them constantly and they become familiar. But the truth is, we do not know them and we are not familiar to them. We have not been introduced to them and most of us do not know anyone that knows them. Public relations is just that – a certain form of a relationship for us to enjoy because we like their work. But the next time you run into a celebrity give them the same space and the same right to privacy that you would ask for yourself. A stranger is the same to us all – they are the unknown and an opportunity to over time evolve into something lovely but at the end of the day they are just that – a stranger.

  4. I agree. I think the fact that everyone speculate that Sam and Caitriona are a real couple proves what great actors they both are. It always boggles my mind how people/fans comment on movie stars like they know them personally. People become very vested in the dailey lives and loves that the press show us all. It’s all part of their jobs. They all have real personal lives that are private. I wouldn’t want the constant cameras following me at every move but I do respect Sam and Caitriona for the amazing acting job and on screen chemistry.
    I am a hugh fan of the Outlander series and books and I have to say I get swept away by the story and romance but I also know it’s a “story”. A beautiful and captivating story that I’m obsessed with!

  5. I fully agree and second the motion. Just reading Dianas books I really got involved with the characters back in the nintys. When they were presented to us on film it just opened a whole other area of thinking.. . Maybe everything will calm down when series starts up again. Diana is wonderful writer. Each and every character cast in series has been great. Thankyou so much for sharing with us. Your readers and audience.

  6. I totally agree with all of the above. Congratulations! It was beautifully written and composed! I have one question what does DM mean & how would I contact you to ask about posting something??

  7. So pleased to be added to a group with an aim of enjoying theses wonderful books and amazing adaptions and recognising the actors craft and not the silly surround stories seen on other sites

  8. Wrote a long complimentary comment to Judi Howarth Jenkins on here, but it has disappeared! I know it would not have been deleted as it was
    very truly positive, not negative in any way! Dont know if I can recall it all, but shall try.
    I really appreciated the article you wrote above, so well written, and clear explanations. Plus the one that began on the Facebook page!

  9. Agree with above comments. Also I would like to add that Diana puts other authors writing in the shade.

  10. Completely agree . They are both phenomenal actors . The entire cast and crew are all very talented people . Pure Magic to watch

  11. Agree wholeheartedly. They are the most dedicated and very convincing in their roles … but it’s just that …. GREAT ACTING AND DOING A FANTASTIC JOB.


    Sit back and enjoy the series. It’s definitely an escape from real life situations going on.

  12. That’s why they are portrayed that way cause they are excellent actors. Very good at there job on camera. I love outlander and don’t think twice that they are having any type of relationship. It’s omly the Movies. Thanks for listening and observing

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