SDCC happens thousands of miles away from me, but thankfully technology brings it to my screen. It’s been a wonderful day, snippets, interviews, photographs, and of course the Holy Grail – The Outlander Panel at #SDCC2017.

Here is what was presented…

An overview of Outlander Season 1 and 2.

The SDCC Outlander panel video from Starz

An excited report from an entertainment reporter who was inside the room (forgive his wee error about the name of the book)

The HUGE thing, we poor souls who were not present, missed out on was the viewing of THE ACTUAL FIRST EPISODE OF SEASON 3! Wow! Those present created joyful pandemonium, such were their cheers when Ron D. Moore announced they were about to show it! Sadly, the rest of us need to wait until September!

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One thought on “Outlander @ #SDCC on Season 3 – Voyager

  1. What a fantastic surprise!!! Who would have guessed they would show the 1 episode S3? !! They’re a really great team and they known how to surprise theirs fans!! But most of us will have to wait for September…

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