Here is the link to the Official Outlander podcast for episode 303.

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2 thoughts on “Outlander – Season 3, Episode 3 – All Debts Paid – Podcast

  1. Just discovered these podcasts; what a great way to learn of the writing processes and realise the difficulties and triumphs that are presented to the immensely talented writers of this amazing series. I am more than familiar with the books but only introduced to them by watching the first two seasons last year. I am staggered by the work involved in adapting them but I am sure Diana Gabaldon is very happy with the results; as a reader I am! I love the casting of John Grey and the building of the relationship between him and Jamie, which is so crucial to the story overall. It goes without saying that the acting is superb, by everyone. Thank you for bringing back Murtagh but have to confess I hoped/guessed you would. I look forward to the commentaries on future episodes; thank you once more for this wonderful adaptation.

    1. Liza, they are all available here. Just look at the end of the page for the Podcasts Category. They sure do give us insight into the process!

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