This is the link to the official Outlander podcast for episode 310, presented by Matt Roberts and Toni Graphia.

Please be patient while it loads (the white line).

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One thought on “Outlander, Season 3 – Episode 310 Heaven & Earth – Podcast

  1. Dear Matt and Toni,
    I’m very sorry!! Sorry that you feel the need to explain so intently the book vs show differences! I am not alone in my utter appreciation of all you do and your total attempt at perfection for this beloved series. I love hearing the reasons, process, etc. but please never apologize for the things you choose to do. We really want you both to do this job forever. Because YOU love it as much as we do. Your podcasts are amazing, the show as close to perfect as a show can be. It is the best series on t.v., and hoping for much more!

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