EDIT: We now have offical confirmation of a September 2017 Season 3 premiere date, but not an actual date yet…
So the following speculation was just that, speculation. I’m leaving it here out of interest demonstrating the type of discussion prevalent in #Droughtlander.

Rumours swirl regarding the possible Outlander Season 3 premiere date. I keep wondering if Starz will premiere Season 3 on April 16, 2017. There are two important questions arising here, why and how…

Why? It’s a sunday, Easter Sunday in fact, and Starz have said they’re moving Outlander to sunday’s. More importantly it’s the anniversary of The Battle of Culloden, the 271st anniversary. I cannot imagine how much emotion would be generated by watching Outlander Season 3, Episode 1, which we’re 100% sure contains scenes of The Battle of Culloden, on the actual anniversary of the battle. I for one, would be knee deep in damp tissues! Starz have always been very “switched on” regarding Outlander, and I’m sure this possibility would have occurred to them. How could this be achieved?

I have also read conjecture that Outlander Season 3 may have another split season, as was the case with Outlander Season 1. The precedent exists. However, this is problematic as 13 episodes don’t split evenly like the 16 episodes in Season 1 did (Ronald D. Moore, that was a marvellous achievement by the way, to get 16 episodes!). We wouldn’t mind at all if we had another one added to give 14 episodes, so a neat 7/7 split. That would be nice, we always want more Outlander! #Dreaming

If this happened, Starz could have April 16 as the premiere date without rushing the rest of production.

As we know Outlander Season 3 will include a sea voyage, after all the third book in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander book series is named “Voyager”, so there is a perfect “split” in the storyline when production moves to South Africa for the voyage and Jamaican portion of the story. Cape Town Studios (home to many productions including the Starz show “Black Sails”), who have wonderful facilities for filming ships at sea without going to sea at all, will be hosting the Outlander production.

As with all Outlander production, which is created so superbly by Ronald D. Moore and his expert team, there is a lot of detail to be crafted for Voyager. Voyager is an exciting and emotional book, a fast paced read with new adventures at every twist and turn. A wild ride indeed!

I have no insider knowledge, no crystal ball either, but as #Droughtlander drags on speculation increases. At the end of the day, such decisions are made by people who know where “Outlander” sits in their company’s plan (to which we aren’t privy). Time will tell!

Oh… are we suffering from #Droughtlander? Yes, we are! We await the reunion of Jamie and Claire like we are waiting to see long lost, but adored family. As Matt Roberts says “Keep Calm and Print Shop On”, and yes Matt, “alepot” is correct, not “ale pot”.

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7 thoughts on “Outlander, Season 3 Premiere Date

  1. Balck Sails starts January 29. If Outlander follows Black Sails, as always, then April 16 is a good guess.
    I wonder if they will slip The White Princess in on us between BS and Outlander. I hope not. I dont want Outlander to have to compete with GOT on HBO this summer, even if it is GOT last season and only 8 episodes.

    I want April 15 date to be true.

  2. I like the Idea of April 16th hopefully, Mr. Moore will consider this as the start date.

  3. I am trying to find out when the newest season of Outlander will start! Will that be April 16? EXfinity in Chicago has NO IDEA but it hasn’t started yet as the last episode showing is one where Culloden will be fought that day and Jamie is taking Claire to the Stones.

    1. Karyn, there is no official word on the Season 3 release date yet… We wait patiently.

  4. Hello, I just want to share with you the hapiness that I feel to see a wonderful job of fiction with marevellous actors ho takes us in a jorney with all the ingredients to make us dream . With fantasie, action, history, paine, suffer and the most pure love that i’ve ever seen in movie ( thank you Sam and Catriona!) I just can’t wait to see Season3!

  5. The first week in April 2017 has come and gone with no announcement of a an April Premiere date. A lot of people will
    miss an April Premiere if Starz waits too long to let fans know.

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