Outlander season 3 is based on the book, Voyager by Diana Gabaldon. The third season adaptation of this book is about to live up to its name.

Young Ian has been kidnapped… Jamie and Claire must follow and get him back, no matter the cost.

Promotional images from Sony/Starz.

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5 thoughts on “Outlander, Season 3 -The Voyage in Voyager

  1. I love these pictures. A few of the details suggest events that will appear in this episode, especially about Mr. Willoughby. We’ll see if I’m right on Sunday!

  2. Best books – thank you Diana Gabaldon and the series goes above and beyond expectations (as I know that you have to adapt for tv).

    My favorite show.

  3. Best show on TV today. You all are truly blessed with the gift of writing and you all have the Outlander fans and other who are new to the show, obsessed, mezmorized and wanting more. Thanks to you also, Diana Gabaldon for your books that have come alive to the world. Please keep up the sensational work!!!

  4. This is a awesome show, love it,everything about it, is great, just need more of it, more often,this is the only
    show, I have watched over and over. I PRAISE ALL OF YOU, WONDEEFUL,THANKYOU,EVERYONE

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