Producing Outlander is a massive undertaking, there is no doubt. We have seen the wondrous set designs of Jon Gary Steele and his team and the transcendent costumes designed and made by Terry Dresbach and her team, plus the incredibly moving music of Bear McCreary. And we know something of the writers and directors. Apart from these  aspects, the behind the scenes crew are largely unknown to us, except perhaps for a screen credit.

I thought we should take some time to appreciate them all for the work they do, often in difficult (cold, wet, windy) outdoor environment. I’ve no idea how the camera crew manage to do their job so well, physically carrying that gear and managing to get stunning images. Half of us can’t manage that with a small light camera! Let’s give them a big cheer!




Please take a look at the details of the full list of Cast and Crew. You’ll be amazed at how many people it takes to put it all together.

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One thought on “Outlanders Unsung Heroes – The Crew

  1. As an artist, I have been watching the cinematography in OUtlander with an artist’s eye. They have nailed it like no other show. I am now convinced that someone who is in charge/works with the camera crew is an artist! The Vermeer look to many of the scenes have an ethereal quality. The cinematography could tell the story without the dialog or the music. The crew are wizards with light. The chiaroscuro is amazing! I love the books, I love the actors, I love the music, I love the sets…but the cinematography magically transports you to an artist’s world of light and dark! More than well done….Bloody Amazing!!! Thank you!

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