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3 thoughts on “Podcast – Outlander Season 2 Finale – Dragonfly In Amber, 213

  1. Most of the changes worked very well and were beautiful in the DIA finale, but there was one scene that stood out so much when I read and re-read (and listened to audio) of this book and that was the beautiful scene at a church when Claire found BJR and Jamie’s Stone.. This was the only scene in any of the books that brought me to tears and it was left out. In my opinion the confrontation with Bree was so much more then than they way it was presented in the finale. I hope by the end of the cast you will be able to justify why this was eliminated, because I’m not getting it just yet. I did love the added Gellis scenes and many many of the other changes…just not that one.

  2. Please, please, please allow Murtagh to survive the battle. He’s such a great character and Duncan plays him SO WELL. I loved the finale and realize that you can’t cram every little detail into the short time you have for the TV show. So glad that it was able to get an extended time for the finale.

  3. I cannot wait until next season. This series is so spectacular. Jamie and Claire work so so well together! Love them both, but Sam being from Glasgow is dear to my heart as that was where I was born.

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