I’m not sure how to prepare my emotions for the Outlander Season 2 finale. I think Episode 213 – “Dragonfly In Amber” is going to be like an arrow to my heart. Despite the fact that I have read the books and therefore I know what happens I think we have some surprises in store. Writer Matthew B. Roberts has mentioned our reactions “will run the gamut from surprise” to “red hot anger”. I’m not sure who our anger will be directed at, let’s hope it’s not Ron D. Moore.


Even Maril Davis, who says she doesn’t normally react with tears “because I’ve seen the stuff so many times” tells us that she cried “like three times [watching the finale]. She also mentioned the writing by, Toni Graphia and Matthew B. Roberts, is amazing and Caitriona and Sam are “heartbreaking”, and Caitriona seems to agree. Of course, having experienced the writing by the shows suite of writing talent and portrayal, by Sam and Cait, of the characters of Claire and Jamie over the course of the 28 episodes to date, I am not surprised. The TV characterisation of the book characters has been transcendent, bringing them to life for us to enjoy – if you call gut wrenching emotional turmoil enjoyable. It’s not like we want to cry, but we have to, we need to, it’s just what we do when confronted by the inevitable event we know is about to happen.


We know from official STARZ previews that the Season 2 finale will flash forward to 1968.  Claire travels to Scotland with her twenty-year-old daughter, Brianna (played by Sophie Skelton), and meets Roger Wakefield (played by Richard Rankin) who we saw much earlier in this season as the small boy adopted by the Reverend Wakefield. Claire visits Lallybroch and Culloden Moor to make peace with the past, while Brianna and Roger bond over researching Randall family history. Claire finally reveals the truth to Brianna about her time travel through the stones, her life in 1700’s Scotland, and Brianna’s true parentage. The story is inter-cut with another one back in the 18th century, which happens on the day of the Battle of Culloden. When Jamie’s last ditch attempts to deter The Prince fail, he and Claire come up with a dangerous plan – which Dougal overhears, inciting him to a murderous rage. Jamie must do everything he can to save the ones he loves, even if it means saying goodbye to some – or all-of them.

According to things I have seen and read we get to meet a couple of other characters (in 1968), Gillian (Jillian) Edgars and her husband.


In an aside, there was a “snafu” last weekend with a pay TV provider inadvertently screening the finale a week early. I believe it was up for around 4 hours, enough for a few gifs to be created, which unavoidably, I have seen. However they will not spoil the finale for me as they simply showed snippets of what I expected to see, so it didn’t worry me at all, but I’m not going to share them here. I hope no one lost their job over it.

So, come the weekend, I will be anxiously awaiting the finale, tissues and strong liquor in hand, like many others.
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