While Sam was in New York City to represent Barbour he also did an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. As always Sam represented the Barbour brand to perfection. Outlander fans weren’t disappointed either, we heard some nice snippets about working on previous Outlander seasons, as well as some interesting news on Season 3.

Sam told us that two episodes of Season 3 have been completed, and the whole season will take 11 months to complete, and the big news is that the production will be going to South Africa.

There is a state of the art film studio very close to Cape Town. The TV series Black Sails (another Starz production) is created there.


Here are some screenshots of the studio taken from Google Earth. They might look a little strange, but what you see there are ships and a very large tank of water.









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4 thoughts on “Sam Heughan – Season 3 Snippets

  1. Thanks for the pictures this is great to see behind the scenes how everything is done. Looking forward to seeing more

  2. So awesome to know that my favorite show is moving on to completion. So sad that when I am in Scotland next year for my 40 th Anniversary Yall won’t be there.

  3. Those is going to be so cool I can’t wait so excited. Thanks for showing us.

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