The disastrous aftermath of the dinner party we find Jamie released from the Bastille due to his connections, unfortunately this is not the case for poor Alex Randall who cannot be freed until word comes directly from Mary Hawkins.

While Prince Charles loses one potential investor in the wake of the party, he takes up with another. Already an enemy to the Frasers, the Comte. St Germain and Prince Charles cook up a business deal which will also involve Jamie.

Understanding only that somehow Mary and Black Jack Randall must marry to ensure Franks existence in the future, Claire tells Alex he cannot provide a future for Mary and therefore he must not pursue her.


Outlander Season 2 2016
Outlander Season 2 2016

While visiting the Royal Court at Versailles, Claire is spied by BJR, who engages her in conversation. King Louis humiliates BJR and Jamie challenges BJR to a duel.


Later, Claire pleads for Jamie not to proceed with the duel for at least a year, to allow time for BJR to conceive a child with Mary.  A furious Jamie reluctantly agrees.

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