Jamie tells Murtagh he has withdrawn from the duel with Black Jack Randall.

Claire is forewarned about a purge on practitioners of the dark arts and goes to alert Master Raymond.

Jamie bonds with Claire by rubbing her feet, then he tells Claire the reason he’s agreed not to kill BRJ (and thus Frank) is so that if she needs to go back there will be someone to love her. Jamie asks her to promise to go back through the stones, if the time shall come.


Devising a plot to ruin the business deal to get funding for Prince Charles’s Jacobite rebellion, Claire uses her knowledge of herbs and plants to give St. Germain’s men symptoms resembling those of smallpox.

To placate an angry Murtagh Jamie and Claire decide to tell Murtagh about Claire’s ability to travel through time.


Jamie, while theoretically helping the Comte to move the wine shipment, contrives that Murtagh, disguised as a bandit, steals it.

Fate puts Jamie and Randall face to face, and Claire, feeling betrayed by Jamie, arrives just in time to see the men dueling to the death. As Jamie stabs Randall and gendarmes arrive to arrest them, a pregnant Claire collapses in pain, bleeding.


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