In this video Diana explains part of her writing process, the time it takes to complete a book and the possible date for the release of book nine – “Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone”.

And we get a wonderful bonus – Diana reads part of her book in progress.

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41 thoughts on “Spoiler – Book Nine – Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone

  1. How beautiful …..I just hope that I’m alive to read it as I’m almost 62yrs old ❌❌❤️❤️

    1. Don’t worry Marina, I’ve had ladies comment here who were 87. Reading extends your life – it’s proven! Keep well…

      1. I certainly hope so ! Would be devastated should I not be able to read this laytesdt Instalment.

    2. Your making the rest of us who are about that age feel as though we should be worried. Lighten up – you’re younger than the author!!!

    3. Girl,, I’m 65 and in plan on reading 9, and then reading them all again. If not, I’ll be hanging out with Jamie in heaven.

    4. Marina, I’m almost 77. I hope to be here for the final book. This sounds like another 6 years at least. Im keeping my fingers crossed,

    5. Easy on the age thing…I’ll be 64 in a few weeks, and I have read all 8 books in this past year. I’ve had to wait for DVD availability to watch the show for now. I’m now enjoying listening to the books on CD when in the car, and at bedtime or doing quiet housework. My husband just passed, and I like to have a human voice to keep me company…nothing better than being ‘told a story’ from the Outlander series at these times. Gives one incentive to live a few more years for the next book, aye? 😉

    6. You’re only 64.! You aren’t even dry behind the ears. 2018 is less than a year away! I’ve just read seven Stones to Stand or Fall, in between ABSAA AND Echo in the Bone. Hopefully by the time I finish that #10 will be out, and then I’ll tell it to the bees. I’ll be 81 in November and life is just ahead?

    7. I’m going to be 67 next month. I know we will make this book but the 10th is another matter!

  2. Writing is a gift and you have most certainly proved that. Can’t wait for ” Go Tell The Bees I’m Gone”.

  3. I am a travel writer and spend so much time on planes and have known to giggle, cry and gasp while reading all your books. I hope when book nine comes out I am on one of long haul flights and my husband, my personal Jamie, is beside me as my seat mate. If not, some stranger will think me deranged!
    Thank you Diana for keeping entertained and for giving me back the joy of reading that has been lost since my brother’s death this past May.
    I am allergic to bees, fortunately not the literary kind. Bring on the

  4. Don’t worry, my mother is 99 and still is an avid “reader”. She is legally blind from macular degeneration but listens to books on tape from the Library for the blind.

    1. Gloria G
      That is wonderful. It really keeps her mind healthy. Sending her best wishes.
      I can’t remember life before Outlander. Thank you Diana

  5. I was at this event! This is about the 4th time that I have seen her in person as she comes to Flagstaff often!

    1. I didn’t catch the name of the bright orange book Mandy was going to read, did Diana actually say it?

  6. Beautiful. I so love how you are able to pull in a reader to a scene. I have read books that I would define as pager-turners; however your books are a wonderful, delicious, different type of page-turner…one which seems as if you’re sitting/standing with the people in the scene. I have never read an author’s book like that before. It is seemly marvelous. Thank you so very much for these wonderful books. I can’t wait until #9.

  7. Diana, you can read to us anytime! Loved the cookie baking, family book and sharing time! Thank you!

  8. It’s the best compliment and testament to the power of an excellent story/adventure when it makes the reader fear they won’t live long enough to read the next chapter and/or book in the series. I’m one of those fans and truly can’t wait to read book nine.

  9. I am 84 and by heavens I will be here to read it. The most amazing series I have ever read.

  10. 67 yrs old and waiting for “The Bees”. I love how your books make me feel like a participant instead of just a reader. Keep going.

  11. I’m having issues with reading anything else! Since 1996 I have read a d re-read the ! Each time I am always surprised that I find another link-to a later book!
    I have read how Diana writes in blocks and this has explained how she managers to tie the books together .
    I’m not sure what I’ll do when there is not an Outlander to read!

  12. Oh my goodness I’m hoping this book comes out sooner than 2018 that seems like forever to me!

  13. I have read All of your books, you are a very gifted writer, and I devoured them all! Anxiously awaiting your next thrilling outlander novel, Go tell the Bees That I’m Gone!

    1. Patty, please go to the Poisoned Pen website, they have a calendar of events including when Diana will be doing signings.

  14. Hurry with the BEES, please. I was supposed to die last year and will not do so until I read it. Still, I don’t want to push my luck. I don’t know if heaven does the Outlander series.

    1. Oh.. Adele Reading does extend your life – it’s proven! Stubbornly stay with us!

  15. I can’t imagine a life without Jamie and Claire. Whenever the last book is finished what will I ever do? Lol!!

  16. What a treat to hear Diana read excerpts from her current projects!! I am so looking forward to the novellas and Book 9.

  17. I am so happy to see the house and surrounding property! Not at all as I had imagined. I had imagined the wooded areas to be closer and more of a slope. I like the cleared land, but was expecting the out buildings to be much closer. Thank you Diana for you wonderful imagination, writing and reading. Looking forward to book 9

  18. Hello, I was wondering if you got an approximate time when the 9th novel will be out to read. Will it be an audio book too? I love audio books. Thank you, Jennette Cooldidge

    1. Jennette, recently Diana mentioned 2018 as the likely publication “date” – no more information is known. I also heard Diana say that Davina Porter has committed to narrate all of Diana’s future books.

  19. These books,by this so talented author,mean a great deal to me..they make me happy just to read them,they take my mind away from real problems and situations and add great comfort..for example my husband and I downsized from a great big house to a small one …very hard on so many levels but when I noticed after being there one night that the bedroom walls had a parade of very large cockroaches marching along and the living room floor had a full dance of them I very much lost it..when I calmed down and my husband and two dogs and one especially large Maine coon cat got a handle on it and death reigned in cockroach land my husband said to go sit down and grab a Outlander book and it will be alright…and it was certainly better

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