As #Droughtlander week 3 begins I have created another suggested scenario, based on Diana Gabaldon’s Voyager, on how the next episode of Outlander Season 3, Episode 6, may play out.

This episode is a difficult one to deal with, I feel like Jamie and Claire’s room should have a revolving door, so many people come into it. They mostly DO need to come in contact with Jamie, and separately, but it just goes on and on. The only solution I can come up is that the interactions are brief. The man searching every tavern and the printshop fire may be seen only in flashback, up to the point where Jamie himself becomes involved. The naughty aspect of Fergus’s involvement with Young Ian gives a little light relief following the tense scene with Ian. The scenes where Claire and Jamie reconnect and make love should not be minimised – we NEED to see them together again. We are introduced to a number of characters, some we know, others new to us. Once again there is A WHOLE LOT to fit in. Expect some trimming.

Episode 6 – Don’t Drink The Creme de Menthe

The machinations of Jamie’s smuggling business unfold and Claire realises she is major complication in his new life. When Jamie searches the pockets of the dead man’s clothing he finds documents which link back to his printing business. The dead man is not an Exciseman as Claire feared, they do not know who he is, but his presence means someone has discovered a link between the smuggling and the printshop. Bad news indeed, but at least Jamie’s arrangement with the Customs Office and Sir Percival Turner still appears intact. Jamie describes a farce where he brings barrels with intent of having them seized by Customs, enough to satisfy the Customs masters in London allowing the majority of his trade to remain untouched. Despite the turmoil of the morning Claire relishes just looking at Jamie, his body, his hair and familiar mannerisms make her feel almost no time has passed. Jamie admits he knew of Young Ian’s presence in Edinburgh and laments that bad things tend to happen around the young man. Claire sees herself in his comments and tells Jamie so. He laughs and tells her that is perhaps why he likes Young Ian so much. Jamie confides he has plans over the next two days and Claire’s presence makes things awkward. Claire has given Jamie a reason to feel again, to be joyful again but also fearful, nothing mattered before, but now it does. Jamie kisses Claire’s forehead in the almost automatic way we have seen so many times before.


Claire finally manages to borrow a whore’s dress which fits her and she goes with Jamie to Moubray’s Tavern, a much more elegant establishment than The World’s End. The eat oyster stew and clarify the name Jamie is using, he is Sawney Malcolm, Printer, and Claire, Mrs Malcolm. They display their affection towards each other, attracting stares from the other patrons. A man, the secretary of Sir Percival Turner, approaches to invite them to his masters table. Jamie declines. Then a man, who had been sitting with Mr Wallace, the gentleman with whom Claire shared the coach to Edinburgh, appears at their table. It is Sir Percival. They reluctantly share their table and he comments about a business trip north which Jamie is planning. He advises Jamie against the trip, talking in coded language. After he leaves, Jamie takes Claire to a private room upstairs.

Credit to Vera Adxer – Outlander Art & Love on Facebook

They toy with each other in the afterglow of having made love once more. They reflect on their happiness, and no, not just from the great sex. Claire tells Jamie she is a surgeon, and what that means in her time. Jamie tells Claire how he became a printer, a business chosen because the activities allow him to hide his smuggling operations.

Arm in arm, Jamie and Claire find their way back towards the printshop, when they begin to notice a disturbance. There is a fire. The printshop is ablaze. Anguished, Jamie rushes into the burning building, tossing out lead type and other objects as the Town Guard arrive to help extinguish the blaze. Jamie and a number of other men gasp for air as they carry out the heavy, but precious, printing press.


Ian arrives at the scene and notice Young Ian trapped on the upper floor. Claire restrains Ian as Jamie finds a way up via the shop next door. Ian and Jamie work together, in long accustomed ways, to secure a rope to save a singed Young Ian. A deeply troubled Young Ian explains how the fire started – he set it. A man had been seeking Jamie by name, both names, in every tavern in Edinburgh. The man appears to sniff the brandy rather than drink it. Young Ian accuses his father of going with whores, meaning Claire. Jamie says that Claire is his Auntie. Remarkably, Ian comes up with a plausible story explaining Claire’s disappearance and reappearance – they go with it… Young Ian is impressed at the romance of it. Things go downhill as Young Ian continues his story; the unknown man discovered the printshop and tried to break in. Ian is furious to find Jamie has been printing treasonous pamphlets and involving his son. Not having had time to remove the pamphlets, Young Ian tells them he set them on fire. But is not the truth. Ian is furious both with his son and Jamie, he leaves. Then Young Ian tells Jamie what really happened. The man had fired at Young Ian in the printshop when Young Ian tried to stop him taking the pamphlets. Ian retaliated, causing the man to knock over the forge causing spilled coals to start the fire. Young Ian is wracked with guilt over killing the man.

Claire thinks there is a connection between Sir Percival’s warning and the snooping man. Jamie explains more of the smuggling operation. Fergus arrives to tell Jamie the shipment which had been stored beneath the brothel has been sold, along with a barrel of creme de menthe which contains the body of the man killed by Mr Willoughby.

Fergus reveals a secret about Ian’s older brothers and organises for Young Ian to continue the trend, losing his virginity, at the brothel. Jamie doesn’t know whether to thank him or kill him.

Jamie and Ian are seen off on an errand. Claire visits an apothecary shop she knew well in the past, it is almost unchanged, except the owner is now the son of the one she knew. Another customer is impatient to get his order. Claire has more knowledge of the properties of the herbs than the owner. The other customer takes note and asks her advice on how to treat a nervous complaint. Claire needs more information about the patient, next thing she knows she has an appointment to see the Reverend Archibald Campbell’s relative. Young Ian is enlisted to accompany Claire while Jamie meets with the insurance man.


Reverend Campbell’s sister has for years endured catatonic episodes, then hysterical ones. Claire is told by Miss Cambell’s attendant how Miss Campbell was viciously attacked as she scoured the countryside looking for her young man after the battle of Culloden. She was raped, left for dead, rescued by a tinker, taken south and eventually found by her brother. Her mind damaged beyond repair, her brother could not marry as he was obligated to look after her.  Miss Campbell is currently catatonic, oblivious to all. Bitter from the whole experience, her brother became a Reverend and preached (with some success). He is now about to embark on a ministry in the West Indies. Young Ian returns to accompany Claire and mentions Jamie’s name – Miss Campbell turns hysterical. Young Ian and Claire return to the Madame Jeanne’s where Jamie and Fergus are discussing their next operation which is to take place in a secondary location, Arbroath, following Sir Percival’s warning.


Young Ian, believing he is now a man, insists on going to the smuggling rendezvous along with Jamie, Claire, Fergus and Mr Willoughby. Jamie is most adverse to Young Ian doing anything except looking after Claire. The plan goes horribly wrong, they are betrayed, the cargo is lost.

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