A painting shows how a boy may have looked in the 18th Century – William. Non book readers may be confused – sorry…


And this is the image we have of Brianna in 1954


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2 thoughts on “Spoiler – Season 3 – 18th Century Boy & 20th Century Girl

  1. the little boy can’t be William, because William has *dark, chestnut hair*, not red like Jamie’s. That’s an important distinction, because the fact of Willie’s dark hair enabled Jamie to stay at Helwater for several years without his paternity being detected.

    The painting of the boy actually makes me think of the painting of Jamie and big brother Willie that hangs on a wall at Lallybroch.

    1. Hi Anna, as a baby William has hair of “pale gold fuzz”, later when Jamie (Alex) is about to leave his hair is described as “soft middle brown with just a tinge of his mother’s chestnut gleam”.

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