Let us know what you are dreaming of seeing in Season 3 – Voyager. We all have our fav parts, like seeing Jamie and Claire in the print shop scene.  Have your say and we’ll pass on the results to Diana.

What Are You Waiting To See Next Season? - Voyager

The Print Shop scene
Young Ian
The Seals Treasure


Also, what are you dreading?

What Are You Dreading Next Season? - Voyager

The Cave
Seeing Leghair again
Ardsmuir Prison
Seeing Geillis again

Or please let know in comments if you are dreaming of, or dreading, something else.


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7 thoughts on “Voyager Polls – What Do You Want To See

  1. For the TV show: I’m looking forward to meeting the grown-up Roger, Brianna’s reaction, and Claire’s search for Jamie with Roger and Brianna.
    From the books: Does Roger ever tell Claire that Frank had Rev. Wakefield place the stone with Jamie’s and Claire’s names on them?

  2. I’m not dreading anything…I’m just so thrilled that these books are coming to life that I enjoy every second of each episode.

  3. I’m not dreading anything! I am just thrilled that these books are coming to life, can’t thank STARZ enough.

  4. How can I choose between the Print shop reunion .. Sigh . and
    Rollo and Young Ian ??? They are amazing charachters and I cant wait to meet them. And the lovely Lord John .

    PLEASE please please let the writers stick to the book

  5. I would love to see Brianna’s arrival at Lallybroch and when Brianna and Jamie meet for the first time.

  6. The very beginning of the return through the stones to the print shop. Claire calling Jamie’s name!!
    A must. Thank you.

  7. Zaire am looking forward to the print shop scene and how Claire and Jaime reconnect. Both actors ignite the screen and the book was incredible. I think it’s my favorite book out of all 8+ n

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