I’ve been reluctant to say much here about myself, after all this isn’t about me, but the time has come…

In December 2015, at a family function, my Uncle Colin mentioned a book and TV series to me. I didn’t really understand what it was about, but I was happy to look it up.

Well, it did seem to be intriguing, so I joined my local library and borrowed a digital version of Outlander (note my level of commitment here). I read Outlander quickly and moved on to Dragonfly In Amber, borrowed likewise from the library.

After reading the first two books I was frustrated by the fact the Voyager was not available and, in fact there was a queue for it. I couldn’t wait! So I took the plunge and bought the whole series on ebooks. At the same time I bought the DVD’s of Outander Season 1, and devoured them while waiting the premiere of Outlander Season 2… My life has not been the same since, in a Very Good Way.

There is more… one morning I had a dream… I woke up with the firm conviction that I needed to create a website to celebrate Outlander, so I did! I followed the hint the universe had sent me and here we both are now. I also created a Facebook Group to find other people I could talk to about Outlander and we are now over 20,000 people strong. I’m very grateful! Here is the link in case you’re interested.
Outlander.Online Facebook Group

As I said, it’s really not about me, but in case you want to know my name is Judi Howarth Jenkins.

Our email address is Outlanders.Online@gmail.com

Judi Howarth Jenkins