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Outlander 404 – “Common Ground” Recap

Common Ground. We then find ourselves with Jamie and Governor Tyron, as Jamie dips a quill in an inkwell to sign his name to very formal looking document, embellished with red ribbons (the ties which bind?). Tryon commends Jamie on his decision to take up the offer of land,...
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Outlander Recap Season 402 “Do No Harm” Recap

Outlander Recap. We open with Jamie and Claire still on the riverboat. Jamie sits alone in the bow, looking pensive, as Claire approaches him. He feels responsible for their current plight, despondent over Lesley’s fate, a shallow grave on the riverbank. Jamie must bear the guilt of knowing he...
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Outlander Recap 401 – “America The Beautiful”

We are flung back in time reminded of the ancient traditions associated with stone circles. Fast forward and we see Native Indians repeating their celebration of the myth, mystery and superstitions of the stones. The circle of life is never far away....
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