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Clanlands Now Available

Clanlands now available! Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish’s new collaboration, the book Clanlands, is now available via Amazon US.

From their faithful camper van to boats, kayaks, bicycles, and motorbikes, join stars of Outlander Sam and Graham on a road trip with a difference, as two Scotsmen explore a land of raw beauty, poetry, feuding, music, history, and warfare.

Unlikely friends Sam and Graham begin their journey in the heart of Scotland at Glencoe and travel from there all the way to Inverness and Culloden battlefield, where along the way they experience adventure and a cast of highland characters. In this story of friendship, finding themselves, and whisky, they discover the complexity, rich history and culture of their native country.

CLICK the image below to purchase from Amazon US, don’t forget to get the Audible (recorded book narrated by Sam and Graham) same time.

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Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish