How Do Men React To Outlander? And React To You Reacting To Outlander?

How Do Men React To Outlander? And React To You Reacting To Outlander?

I’ve tried to think about how men react to the emotional and touching events which happen in books and on TV. Particularly in respect to my very favourite TV series and book series…

I decided I can’t get inside a man’s head, not that I really want to, but I needed some insight. So I asked a man to tell me.

The answer, for the particular man I asked anyway, is definitely yes, they do cry. However, the impression I have is that, men may have a slightly different “take” on it, ever practical, they may relate depicted events to parts of their own life history, rather than simply getting caught up in the moment.

Descriptions, such as moving, poignant, very sad and upset are the ones used. Totally unlike mine, which are more like heartrending, ugly crying, bawling, and heartbreaking.

There is also the up side though, as humans of any sex (I was going to say either, but these days who knows) we revel in the joyful moments and allow the story and our characters to take us on a somewhat bumpy ride of twists and turns into adventures unknown and unimagined. We all, I think, admire the love, dedication, honour and loyalty displayed. We might even be a wee bit jealous of the words Jamie uses to tell Claire of his love for her. Our guys (well, most anyway) didn’t seem to get that lesson in quotable quote writing, more’s the pity on that count. Who knows? Maybe some fellows out there are taking notes, or should we be more proactive and jot a few down and leave them about the house?

The question for the day is this. If you cry when watching or reading Outlander do you allow your partner to see your emotions (and risk the “don’t be stupid, it’s just a TV show”)? Or do you sniffle quietly and pretend it’s all okay. Personally, I don’t bare my soul. I watch alone and let my emotions take me to places of joy and pain. While I can’t say I enjoy crying, it does provide a kind of release! And yes! Real men do cry in Outlander (but probably don’t tell their friends). More power to them, but I wish we lived in a world where all men could shed a tear without judgement. Guys, lean in close… I have a secret to share! Women will love you even more when you allow your emotions to surface. I promise. Have you seen our “master of the single tear”?