Diana Gabaldon and Sam Heughan

Imagine Your Imaginary Book Character Coming To Life

Imagine Your Imaginary Book Character Coming To Life

Imagine this, you want to be an author, you’ve never written a novel before but you thought you’d give it a try “just for practice”.

What you actually devise is a story encompassing centuries which becomes a book series with at least nine “big” books (eight published to date) and quite a few spin off novellas. The main male character being handsome, heroic, honourable, and loving Scottish Highlander. By the way, he’s not afraid to say how he feels.

Then your books become mega popular, millions are sold in many languages. Eventually after a few dead ends along the way, your story is made into a spectacular TV series, garnering even more fans.

Here is Diana’s reaction to the casting of Sam Heughan as Jamie.

“At the 2013 New York Comic Con Starz panel, Diana Gabaldon said that at first she might have had a few doubts about casting Sam Heughan as Jamie, having only seen a few of his photos online via her iPhone while on the road with her husband.

Once she arrived at home a few hours later and loaded the audition video on her computer, she said, “I’m kind of watching [Heughan’s audition video] through my fingers because I’m not sure what I’m going to see. Well, the first five seconds or so, I’m thinking, ‘He looks great! He doesn’t look anything like his photos!’”

Then, she says, something magical happened. “In the next five seconds, he’s gone,” Diana snaps her fingers…

“And it’s just Jamie Fraser right there!“”

Now imagine the moment you get to hug (well, kiss!) your “Jamie Fraser” in the flesh. That must have been a wonderful moment for Diana. We notice she’s got a good grip!

Just to clarify, this picture was taken at the end of an on stage  Q&A session which concluded with a round of kisses for everyone.

“We’d just done a successful show and everybody was kissing/hugging everybody onstage,” Gabaldon responded on Twitter. “Gary kissed me about ten seconds after that, and Graham kissed me before Sam did.”