Way back in season 3 when we first met Marsali fans were ready to dislike the character. How could someone brought up by Laoghaire be a real Fraser? Of course Marsali had her own bias against Claire. Marsali knew Jamie as a father figure but she was Laoghaire’s daughter and she had been “poisoned” against Claire. Fans had their opinions and weren’t quick to appreciate Marsali as part of the Fraser clan. Until they did… Marsali and Claire now have a wonderful relationship, with Marsali readily calling Claire “Ma”. And together with Claire and Brianna we love her too. Her intelligence and readiness to be involved with life on the Ridge (even with a perpetual baby bump) has brought her respect. 

The producers have elevated Marsali’s role, making her Claire’s assistant. Learning about healing has enlightened her beyond the norm of the times. She knows women are worthy of respect, as they are within the Fraser family. She will never be downtrodden!

Season 5 Marsali, Fergus, Jamie, Murtagh

It was wonderful to get the chance to see her sparkling in 60’s yellow, white leather boots, her hair down and Pom Pom earrings bobbing. The contrast between the scenes in 512 which represented Claire’s dissociative state and her doing what needed to be done with Lionel Brown could hardly have been greater. A testament to Lauren Lyle’s acting skills. It is always a joy to see her onscreen!