Jocasta and Murtagh 410

Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser

Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser

Murtagh means so much to us… and Jamie, plus after a slightly rocky start, Claire too. Actor Duncan Lacroix has elevated the character of Murtagh off the page into our hearts. Book Murtagh while loyal to Jamie, did not have quite the same appeal as the rugged Highlander we came to love in the TV series.

Murtagh is not a gentle man, he will fight for those he loves. His vow to Jamie’s mother, Ellen, to always be at Jamie’s side is unbroken by him.

Book Murtagh met his end during the Battle of Culloden, however in the TV series he lived on! A favourite of both fans and producers he managed to survive incarceration at Ardsmuir Prison in Scotland, then being transported as an indentured man to the New World. Meeting Jamie once again, by chance, he is brought back into the fold of the Fraser’s.

However, his life experiences have embittered him and he can’t find peace, or lasting love. He sets out on a path which inevitably leads to trouble, and Jamie releasing Murtagh from the promise he made to Ellen, with the words “Be hard to find…”.

I have a theory about why audiences revere Murtagh… we perceive Murtagh as ourselves. We want to protect Jamie, we want to be at his side, no matter what.

Please enjoy the marvellous video created by Outlander fan “King Fireman”.