Claire tends Tammas

Outlander 103 The Way Out Recap

Outlander 103 The Way Out Recap

Claire tries to earn the respect of the Laird, Colum Mackenzie, however in doing so she has unwittingly made herself even more valuable to the community.  Using her skills again, she saves the life of Mrs. Fitz’s nephew, bringing on the wraith of the fanatical Father Bain, who had decided the poor lad was suffering from demonic possession, rather than poisoning. Claire now has an enemy.


Claire spends more time with the devious Geillis Duncan.  Claire convinces Jamie to help spare a boy, accused of stealing, from a worse fate. In doing so they begin to form their relationship.

Claire hears a bard singing of time travelling through the stones.  This brightens her day considerably and only makes her more determined.