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Outlander 104 The Gathering Recap

Outlander 104 The Gathering Recap

Claire, still desperate, to escape Castle Leoch plays with the castle children, in doing so she is able to stray further from the castle. She leaves a trail of ribbons to guide her proposed escape route. However, she is being followed, under instruction from Dougal the Lairds war chieftain brother, by Highlanders Rupert and Angus. In order to shake these guys, Claire encourages them to get drunk.

Claire is counting on the visiting Highlanders, who have come to the Gathering to pledge their oath to their Laird, to cover her escape from the castle.

Trying to implement her escape plan, she runs into a drunk Dougal who gets rather handsy with her,  Claire goes to the stable to make sure she has a horse to escape on.  She finds Jamie in the stable and inadvertently, through lack of understanding of the Highlanders etiquette, puts him in danger. Jamie cleverly finds a way to give an oath to Colum without putting himself in peril.

The day after the oath taking ceremony a wild boar hunt takes place. Claire tends to a mortally injured Highlander, Geordie, thereby earning Dougal’s respect.

Claire’s hope for escape are dashed, in fact she is told by Colum that she must accompany the rent taking party, which will take her ever further away from the stones.

Author, Diana Gabaldon, makes her acting debut in this episode, playing Iona MacTavish.