Wool waulking 105

Outlander 105 Rent Recap

Outlander 105 Rent Recap

We’re on the road in this one. Literally collecting rent from the villagers. Claire meets Ned Gowan, who represents the Laird in legal matters and takes care of the money. However, Dougal, the Lairds brother, has a lucrative sideline.  He’s using Jamie’s scarred back to get extra money out of the poor cottars. At first Claire thinks he’s lining his own pockets, but later we know the truth, he’s collecting money to fund the Jacobite rebellion. This is the moment Claire understands a defining moment in Scottish history, the defeat of the Highlanders at Culloden, is not too far away.


Claire, joins some of the village ladies in waulking the wool. An old dyeing process which unfortunately requires urine to set the dye. While at the village a redcoat sees Claire and asks about her situation, given that she’s travelling in the company of a bunch of Highlanders.

Ned Gowan