Claire and Jamie dragonfly in amber

Outlander 108 Both Sides Now Recap

Outlander 108 Both Sides Now Recap

We open with Frank Randall expressing his frustration at the lack of progress in he search for his missing wife, Claire. The police imply Claire has run off with another man, the Highlander seen by Frank. Annoyed and angry, he leaves.

Back in 1743 Claire and Jamie are relaxing in the Scottish countryside.  Jamie, awkwardly apologises for implying that Claire has a “vast experience” with men, Jamie asks Claire a question: “Is it usual . . . what it is between us, when I touch you . . when you lie with me?” They touch and Claire admits that the feelings are unusual. Jamie’s, old friend Hugh Munro sees them and shoots an arrow which lands a few feet away. After hitting the ground, and Jamie examines the arrow and realises it has come from Hugh. Jamie greets him with a hearty hug. Hugh gives Claire a special gift to honour their marriage, a dragonfly embedded in amber. Hugh gives Jamie news of a man, an English deserter, who has information which can prove Jamie innocent.


The story progresses in this manner, switching between 1743 and 1945. The MacKenzies teach Claire how to use a knife. At one point in each storyline both Frank and Claire are at the stone circle of Craigh na Dun, seeking each other.

Claire is torn away from the stones by redcoats who toss her in a wagon and take her to Fort William where the dark side of Black Jack Randall shows itself again. He is on the verge of raping Claire when, risking everything, Jamie bursts though the window. This mid-season finale drove people crazy… Jamie sat in that window for months!