Laoghaire tempts Jamie

Outlander 109 The Reckoning Recap

Outlander 109 The Reckoning Recap

After following Claire’s story for so long we now get an insight from Jamie’s point of view, reflecting on how a life is made up of choices, and that the sum of those choices makes the man. We are gifted with a brief look at Jamie donning his kilt and dressing.

Jamie and the other men infiltrate the fort to rescue Claire from the hands of Black Jack Randall. Jamie enters via a window demanding the BJR take his hands off “my wife.” BJR is his evil best, threatening to rape Claire in front of Jamie. Jamie is forced to put down his pistol, when BJR takes possession of it he tries to shoot Jamie he finds Jamie’s pistol to be unloaded. They escape, jumping from the wall into the river.

Jamie is upset with her for disobeying him, wandering off into the woods and getting caught. He feels she did it deliberately to punish him for a previous event. They argue vehemently, tossing harsh words at each other. The Claire sees how upset Jamie really is and apologises and she is forgiven. Jamie’s voiceover is not to be missed.

The others are not quite so forgiving, ignoring her totally. Despondent, she retires, the men demand that Jamie punish her. They fight. Claire is shocked by the punishment she receives.

Next day, the men make fun of her and group returns to Castle Leoch, Claire unable to sit comfortably, is still very angry with Jamie.

At Castle Leoch, while they are greeted joyously and congratulated, there are undercurrents of tension.  Jamie has to face both Colum and Laoghaire. Colum confronts Dougal, Jamie and Ned over he raid on Fort William and raising money for the Jacobites. Dougal lets slip an awkwardly embarrassing piece of information during his argument with Colum.


Next day there is more confrontation about who gave Colum the money intended for the Jacobites. Loyalty is the main topic, loyalty given, tested and broken. Laoghaire tries to entice Jamie.

Murtagh suggests they leave Leoch but Jamie understands they have nowhere to go, because of the price on his head. Jamie talks with Colum and suggests a way to overcome the current tensions.

Jamie finds a way back to Claire and she to him. Claire makes a declaration of intent to Jamie while they are having sex. Claire finds a ill-wish under their bed.