Duke of Sandringham and Claire

Outlander 110 By The Pricking Of My Thumbs Recap

Outlander 110 By The Pricking Of My Thumbs Recap

Claire confronts Laoghaire, the young girl who in love with Jamie, and bitter about Jamie’s marriage to Claire. Laoghaire, finally admits to procuring the ill-wish which Claire found under her bed.

Claire happens upon Geillis performing a ritual in the dark countryside and discovers Geillis’ is pregnant with Dougal Mackenzies child. Claire finds a changeling baby and naively hopes to rescue the child.

After getting some advice from Ned Gowan, Jamie has hope that the Duke of Sandringham can help him prove his innocence and lift the price on his head, thereby holding Black Jack Randall responsible for his crimes.

Claire visits the Duke, and using her knowledge of the duke’s involvement and the money raised for the Jacobite cause to persuade the duke to hear Jamie’s grievance.

During a celebration in the Hall, Geillis’s husband Arthur is taken ill, collapsing and dying.

News is received that Dougal’s wife Maura has passed away. Colum demands that Dougal return to his estate for his wife’s funeral, taking Jamie, Angus and Rupert with him, thereby separating Jamie from Claire.


Claire receives a note, apparently from Geillis,  saying “Come quick.”  Geillis, surprised to see Claire, informs her that she did not send the note, but invites Claire to stay for dinner. Claire is worried by the supposed prank and implores Geillis to pack her things and leave the village, however she refuses. Claire makes Geillis’s aware that she knows about the poison she gave to Arthur and that again suggests she leave. Still not moved to action, Geillis is thankful for the concern, but not worried, even as a loud knock sounds at the door with the warden demanding entrance. Geillis disposes of the bottle in Claire’s hand in the fire (presumably the poison) and allows the maid to admit the men at the door, confident Dougal will let no harm come to her or their child. The warden enters the room and quickly restrains Geillis and arrests her for witchcraft. Claire steps forward, but is stopped by a second man and also placed under arrest. The two women are dragged from the house and carted away.  Claire peers out the window to see Laoghaire reveal herself and look on with a self-satisfied smile as Claire is taken away.