Jamie putting out the fire

Outlander 113 The Watch Recap

Outlander 113 The Watch Recap

The Watch are a group who supposedly protect the locals from the British, but extract a price for doing so. A bit like a Highland protection racket.

Taran MacQuarrie and Jamie

The inhabitants of Lallybroch are surprised by a visit by The Watch. Jamie believes them to be thieves and scoundrels, but, Ian and Jenny, feeling helpless otherwise, accept them as a part of life.

As Jamie still has a price on his head, he is posing as a visitor to Lallybroch. The Redcoat deserter Horrocks, arrives as part of the Watch, threatening Jamie. Having dealt with his blackmailer, Jamie has little choice but to join the Watch in their next raid. Jenny goes into a difficult and prolonged labor. The village midwife is away and Claire is required to assist Jenny deliver the baby.