Claire at Craigh Na Dun 201

Outlander 201 Through A Glass Darkly Recap

Outlander 201 Through A Glass Darkly Recap

We open to see Claire awaken by the standing stones having having fallen back into 1948. She asks a passing driver about Culloden and is devastated to discover that the Scots were defeated. Next we find a desolate Claire in a hospital bed, aggravated by the noise of modern life. She is reunited with Frank, who is mystified by the manner of her reappearance but anxious to reconcile. Frank and Claire go to the Reverend Wakefield’s home to work out their future.

Claire and Frank

Claire is obsessed with books about what occurred at Culloden. Claire tells Frank what happened to her, been, including her marriage to another man and the fact that she is carrying his child. They come to the understanding that they will raise the child together and resume their married life, on condition that Claire puts her experiences behind her.

Next we flashback to France in 1744, and see Claire and Jamie arrive in France. Jamie’s cousin Jared offers to bring Jamie into his wine business. At the wharf Claire cannot resist interfering when she sees a sick sailor. She unwittingly causes the destruction of a vessel and its load of wine. The owner of the vessel, Comte St. Germain, becomes an enemy.