Louise and BPC 204

Outlander 204 La Dame Blanche Recap

Outlander 204 La Dame Blanche Recap

Claire finds she must tell Jamie that BJR is alive and contrary to her fears Jamie is reinvigorated by the knowledge. Jamie now has vengeance on his mind.

Louise reveals a secret to Claire.


Claire and Jamie decide, as part of their plan, to invite the main players, in the funding Jacobite, to hold an elaborate dinner party. Jamie intends to show Sandringham to real Prince Charles by revealing a secret designed to unhinge him. On the way home to the party Claire and Mary are attacked by a well-dressed group of street bandits. Mary Hawkins is raped by one of the bandits, however, once the bandits see Claire they declare “La Dame Blanche” and flee the scene. after having look at Claire and calls her La Dame Blanche. Uninvited and unwelcome guests arrive at the dinner party. The dinner becomes a shambles after a terrible incident.