Outlander Obsessed

Outlander 25 Things Which Prove You’re Just A Wee Bit Obsessed!

Outlander 25 Things Which Prove You’re Just A Wee Bit Obsessed!

1. You plan your life around TV show viewings – even if it IS your wedding anniversary.

2. You belong to every Outlander Facebook group you can find.

3. Your Pinterest account is dedicated to Outlander.

4. Tears well in your eyes when you hear bagpipes.

5. You know what bannocks are.

6. A Highland fling means something entirely different to you now.

7. You own every possible version (hardcover, softcover, ebook, audio, DVD, Blu-Ray) of everything Outlander connected thing Diana ever wrote or Ron D. Moore created.

8. You know who Diana is, no last name required.

9. Dragonflies have a special place in your heart.

10. You have set Google alerts for everything Outlander related.

11. You know what Droughtlander means.

12. You plan to alleviate your Droughtlander pain by rereading every Diana Gabaldon book you own.

13. You’ve taken up drinking whisky.

image14. You watch Outlander fan videos on auto play

15. You are one of the few on the planet who know how to pronounce Laoghaire.

16. You have pocket Jamie tucked under your pillow.

17. You have a special shelf in your bookcase with Pop! vinyl figures of Jamie, Claire, Dougal, Frank and BJR lovingly displayed (okay, we know you really have BJR turned around facing into the naughty corner).

18. You know what “dinna fash” means.

19. You are planning to visit Scotland to see the locations where the TV series is filmed, even if most of the locals have never heard of it.

20. You have Googled Outlander so many times they think you want to buy a car.

image21. Every tab on your internet browser is Outlander related.

22. You’re proud to be called “Sassenach”.

23. Words like “canna”, “verra” and “ye ken” have crept into your vocabulary.

24. You just spent days looking for a bee charm to add to your Outlander bracelet.

25. You know the relevance of the bee charm.