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Outlander 307 Crème de Menthe Recap

Outlander 307 Creme de Menthe Recap.

We open with a hand pump being operated, water gushes from a nozzle… a portend of trouble ahead I fear!

Claire is flung back on the bed in Jamie’s room in Madame Jeanne’s establishment. We see the intruder’s threats are no idle ones as he starts to unbuckle his belt. Claire manages to find a knife and defends herself. This antagonises him further and he threatens her life. He moves around the bed and tangles his feet in bedding and falls backwards, hitting his head. He is knocked unconscious.

Jamie returns to find Claire standing over the man, knife thrust forward… Claire is shocked and shaky as Jamie takes the knife from her hand. She explains to Jamie what happened as the man groans. Claire’s healers instinct is deeply entrenched, she must act to help him… Jamie doesn’t understand her motivation and asks why she is helping the man who attacked her. Her answer is simple “because I’m a doctor”.

She sees blood running from the prone man’s ear and diagnoses a epidural haematoma. The disturbance has been heard downstairs and Fergus and Madame Jeanne enter the room. Jamie explains Claire was defending herself. Claire is in total doctor mode, instructing that the man is to be placed on the bed. Jamie again protests… “let God take him”. But Claire insists she has to try to save him. Jamie is perplexed but knows he cannot stop her. Fergus and Jamie place the man, an excise man who was searching for Jamie’s ledgers, on the bed. Jamie tells Claire about bribing Sir Percival to turn a blind eye to Jamie’s illegal liquor in return for a large portion of the profit. Claire asks Madame Jeanne to provide surgical instruments and hot water, as Jamie and Fergus go to remove the illegal barrels from the basement. Claire prepares to go to the apothecary as Jamie, once more tells Claire the man doesn’t deserve her mercy and he explains the workings of the law would not be in her favour. Claire, stubborn as always, gets ready to go to the apothecary.

Jamie, Fergus, Young Ian, Mr Willoughby and the other men are seen moving barrels in the basement. Jamie sends Mr Willoughby upstairs to mind the exciseman, and tasks Fergus and Young Ian with the job of selling the casks… quickly, even if it means taking a loss. It’s just too risky to hold the barrels any longer.

Claire arrives at the apothecary she interrupts a customer who is being served. Claire promises to use her skill as an experienced healer if he will allow her to be served first. He agrees, on the proviso that her services would be rendered free of charge. Thus we meet Archibald Campbell, who is seeking remedies for his sister Margaret.

Rain tumbles down as Young Ian and Fergus thrill at striking a deal to sell the illegal booze. Young Ian asks Fergus about his recollections of Claire… all those years ago. Fergus exaggerates Claire’s medical achievements, but his affection for her is obvious despite his words that she is not a woman you would want to cross. The young men are fully aware that her presence is awkward, a catastrophe, no?

Back in the room at the brothel the exciseman has regained consciousness and is being held down by Jamie and Mr Willoughby. Claire returns, instructing Jamie to remove the exciseman’s stock as she pours laudanum into his mouth to calm him. Claire sees the man is suffering from pressure in his brain and she must act swiftly. Jamie is called by Madame Jeanne to attend to Sir Percival as Yi Tien Cho helps Claire.

Downstairs Sir Percival is not pleased, he knows Jamie is hiding something, while upstairs Claire begins her work to reduce the pressure. This involves drilling into the man’s skull. She disinfects and cuts into the man’s temple. Spreads the skin and drills using a traphine until blood flows out, releasing the clot. Meanwhile Jamie and Madame Jeanne and in the basement while Sir Percival and his man search the basement. Of course there is nothing to be found, frustrating Sir Percival who declares he will be watching Jamie.

Jamie is stressed by the turn of events declaring “this ends now” upon his return to his room, however Claire tells him the man is dead, with Yi Tien Cho saying Claire fought hard to save him. There is a degree of tension between Jamie and Claire, with Claire upset she has failed to save a life and Jamie not regretting the man’s passing. The realisation of the loss of modern medical facilities hits Claire hard. She explains her dedication to medicine to Jamie who tries to comfort her when she says how she feels responsible for the trouble which has befallen Jamie, having dropped into his life again “out of a clear blue sky”. Jamie tells her he has been living in the shadows, he is grateful she is there… when she walked into the printshop and it was as if the sun returned, and cast out the darkness.

Claire announces she has another patient to see… Jamie is concerned, she doesn’t know these people. Independent, as always, Claire says she has travelled thousands of miles and 200 years, so she will be fine. Jamie looks at her wistfully, needing reassurance that she will return to him. “Of course” she says holding his hand… then she puts on her coat and leaves.

We see a glimpse of Edinburgh life in the street and then we see Fergus and Young Ian celebrating their successful business deal in a tavern. They are a cheeky pair with roving eyes! Young Ian has his eyes on a bonny lass… he confesses to Fergus that he is still a virgin. Fergus seems intent on changing that as he gives Ian advice on seduction and calls over the lass Young Ian has been watching. Young Ian is initially bewildered about what to say to her, eventually offering her a drink. Meanwhile a man in the background is keeping watch over him.

More Edinburgh street scenes as we see Claire walking to see her patient. She is shown into a room where Margaret Campbell is sitting at a table, head down and totally lacking energy. Claire asks Archibald Campbell what he has given Margaret, he replies “a few drops of laudanum to keep her calm”. Suddenly Margaret becomes the opposite of calm, when Claire touches her hand and she lurches up exclaiming “gleep, gleep, gleep gleep” and other confusing, apparently nonsensical things… including “Abandawe will devour you!”.

Claire calms her, taking her pulse and recommending Archibald cease giving her laudanum as it is too strong. Mr Campbell asks if Claire understands her words, she does not, so he offers to translate it for her “for a modest fee”. It appears they are fortune tellers, Margaret being a seer, with Archibald deciphering the message for a fee. Claire asks Mr Campbell various questions about Margaret and tells him she is not a seer, she is actually suffering from a mental disorder. Claire recommends medications and wants to see Margaret again the next day, but Mr Campbell says they are departing for the West Indies to minister to a wealthy client. Claire wishes them safe travels.

Night has fallen… we see the printshop sign and hear tipsy singing. Young Ian has overindulged and is dancing inside the printshop with the bonny lass from the tavern. His singing is terrible and is silenced by a kiss. Ian and the lass kiss enthusiastically and they move deeper inside the printshop to find more privacy. Ian is about to lose his virginity… he lays his lass down face first and raises her dress and petticoats. She asks what he is doing. He asks “is this no how it’s done?” Young Ian has been led astray by bad examples at the brothel! She puts him right, she is not a whore, she gives him the encouragement he needs… and instructions!

Claire returns to Jamie’s room in the brothel. The body is gone. Jamie tells her the man has been hidden in a barrel of creme de menthe. Claire broaches the subject of a home away from the brothel. Awkwardly Jamie says they have everything they need there, and he sends every penny back to Lallybroch. Claire tells Jamie she could earn money as a healer, working from the back of the printshop or an establishment of her own, that they could build a happy life in Edinburgh. They are interrupted by a knock on the door. Jamie has a visitor, Ian Murray, likely looking for Young Ian. Jamie tells Claire not to mention she has seen him. Claire is confused as she heads downstairs.

Ian Murray stands uncomfortably in the brothel, near naked women walk past him… Jamie and Claire arrive and Claire goes to him and embraces him. He is shocked to see her and tells Claire how he and Jenny grieved over her for years. Jamie tells Ian how Claire thought Jamie dead as well. Ian asks Claire where she has been all the years she has been gone, she truthfully says Boston. As Frank said all those years ago stick as close to the truth as possible… Ian directly asks if Jamie has seen Young Ian, and Jamie lies to him. Jamie assures Ian he will bring Young Ian home if he shows up. Claire is very worried about the lies. Jamie sees Ian out. Ian comments that she has taken the news well. Jamie confesses he hasn’t told her yet, he hasn’t found the right time.

Meanwhile over at the printshop Young Ian and his lass, Brighid, are having sex when they hear a noise. They stop and find an intruder rifling through the back room. Ian sends her away as he confronts the man. The same one who we saw watching him in the tavern. The man is looking for the casks. Ian declares there are no casks. The man grips Young Ian’s coat demanding to know where the liquor is hidden. Ian crashes up against a wall, a secret niche opens and seditious pamphlets spill out. The man knows inciting sedition is a worse offence than smuggling. He draws a pistol and aims at Young Ian. The shot causes a spill on the hob and fire erupts. Young Ian picks up a ladle in the pot of molten lead and flings it at the man who gasps in pain. The fire spreads despite Ian’s valiant efforts to stamp it out. Ian appears trapped by the flames, looking around desperately as the fire rages.

Back in the brothel, Jamie arrives back in his room to find Claire standing, her arms crossed with her glass face fully showing her utter dismay. She asks when he started lying to family. Jamie tells her he has tried to send Young Ian back twice and he is better off with Jamie than strangers. Jamie says he can teach the lad the ways of the world. Claire expresses her disappointment over the deception and tells Jamie we doesn’t know what it’s like to be a worried parent. He counters with the fact he’s Brianna’s father and he didn’t get to raise her. There is tension as Jamie mentions the bikini Brianna was wearing in a photo and Claire comments she’d forgotten how rigid the century is. She says Frank was a wonderful father to Brianna, but this just sparks Jamie to ask if he was a wonderful husband to her as well. They are on the verge of an argument when Madame Jeanne knocks on the door saying there is a fire in Carfax Close… the printshop.

Flames rise inside the building as Jamie and Claire rush to join the crowd outside the printshop. Jamie rushes into the burning building calling out “Young Ian sleeps in the back!”. The wrought iron printshop sign is silhouetted by the glow of flames. Claire, distraught, looks on helplessly.

Inside, Jamie surveys the burning building… stairs fully alight and useless. He looks over the rail and sees Young Ian slumped on the floor, and in a move reminiscent of his days as Batman (Sam), Jamie leaps over the rail and rouses his nephew.

Outside, we see the Edinburgh fire brigade hand pumping water in a vain effort to quell the fire. Fergus and While back inside Jamie pushes a printing press under a window, their only possible means of escape. Jamie also retrieves the miniature painting of his son, Willie. Jamie hoists Young Ian over is shoulder and they make it though the window and outside onto the landing seconds before the roof collapses. The printshop is a sorry sight, but what matters is that Jamie and Young Ian are safe.

Claire directs them to safety and she tends Young Ian’s thankfully minor injuries. He appears to be fine, but is in distress, telling Jamie about the man who broke in and saw the seditious pamphlets. Sedition is a much more serious offence than smuggling. Both Jamie and Young Ian are both coughing from the effects of the smoke. Claire convinces Jamie that Young Ian must go back home to Lallybroch. Jamie organises Mr Willoughby to distribute the profits from the sale of the illegal liquor. Jamie asks Fergus to have Ned Gowan come to Lallybroch. Fergus asks Jamie if he has told Milady about his other wife… he has not.

We see Jamie looking mournfully at his life in Edinburgh literally going up in smoke and no doubt wondering what how he will tell Claire the truth.

The End.