Sam and Caitriona Scottish BAFTAs

Outlander At The Scottish BAFTAs

Outlander At The Scottish BAFTAs

Unlike the sadness we felt over the lack of recognition for the stellar work by the cast and crew of Outlander in the Emmy nominations this year, there were three Outlander nominations for the Scottish BAFTA’s. There was stiff competition from Scottish produced shows, some of which were long time favourites. Also, bear in mind that Outlander is not shown on free-to-air television in the United Kingdom. Popularity and exposure have their benefits, no doubt.

Outlander nominations were in the following categories.

Sam Heughan – Actor Television


Caitronia Balfe – Actress Television


Outlander – Television Drama


There was a rush of Outlander fan disappointment when Sam Heughan missed out in his category, though as we know, “being in the top three” is a win too.

By then we Outlander fans were stressed to the point of suffering from stomach pain and the occasional bout of dizziness from breath holding.

Then came Caitriona’s category, and, as luck would have it, her award category was being announced by Bill Patterson who played Ned Gowan in Outlander. A nice touch.



We took a collective deep breath, and then came the words we longed to hear “Caitriona Balfe” winner in her category. Huge smiles spread over the Outlander fan base as Caitriona, tall, elegant, smiling and grateful made her speech acknowledging her driver Andy, dresser Marni, and Anita for hair and makeup, and scene partner Sam and the producers, Ron and Maril for taking a chance on her, when, at the time, she had not been on a production set.










The last Outlander nomination, for the production, in the category of Television Drama was not won by Outlander. However, all exposure of this type is beneficial.

I congratulate all connected with the production for their skills and dedication in making a show we love. Fans are eagerly awaiting the next Season of Outlander, following the Diana Gabaldon book, Voyager.