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Outlander Imagined 302 Ardsmuir Possible Synopsis

Outlander Imagined 302 Ardsmuir Possible Synopsis

Outlander Season 3, Episode 2 – Ardsmuir

Claire along with Brianna and Roger continue their search for historical records, in particular they receive a photocopy of relevant pages of Lord Melton’s private journal. The story of the Dunbonnet is further reinforced by Fiona who recalls stories passed to her by her grandmother, Mrs Graham. The tale ends with the Dunbonnet being “taken” and imprisoned. Bree is distressed at the prospect, but Roger informs her that this means a record can be found – somewhere, in official documents, so this is actually good news.

Time passes as they continue their search, looking through old and often incomplete records. Roger and Claire bond further over discussion of their respective callings in life and their mutual inability to be dishonest. Roger retires for the evening, leaving Claire who wishes to look just a little longer. It’s nearly 3am when she found him “Jms. MacKenzie Fraser, of Brock Turac” the page was dated May 16, 1753, the prison – Ardsmuir.

Jamie’s name in Ardsmuir

Flashback to Ardsmuir Prison– Major John William Grey who has been newly appointed Governor of the prison. The departing Governor, Quarry, speaks disdainfully of Ardsmuir, the men and the weather and paperwork, joking that when John finds a replacement for the clerk who has died he will have plenty of time to hunt and search for the Frenchman’s Gold. This being the gold supposedly sent (too late) by King Louis to Charles Stuart to fund the failed Jacobite Rebellion.


The departing Governor tells him there are few people with whom to have polite conversation, the four officers, his orderly and one prisoner. He is surprised. Who is the prisoner? Red Jamie Fraser – with whom Quarry dined once a week and played chess with, in order to better control the stubborn Scottish prisoners.

John Grey can’t sleep, visions of the event, when at the age of 16 he met Jamie Fraser swim in his head.

John has a flashback to when he was captured by Jamie revealing their past connection.

Jamie is in irons as part of his punishment.

Now John Grey needs help. He must ask for Jamie’s help to translate from Gaelic to English. A man, now at death’s door, has been found wandering the coast. His almost incoherent ramblings have mentioned the word “gold”.

In return for his assistance Grey promises to remove the irons, a continual annoyance, from Jamie’s wrists. Jamie promises to tell Grey everything the man says. John Grey takes Jamie to the Lime Tree Inn where the man is being cared for and they both listen to his ramblings. Jamie, true to his word, tells Grey everything the dying man says. But not necessarily the full meaning. While Jamie has kept his promise to tell Grey what the man said but secretly he has found the location of the treasure. A three days later Jamie escapes from prison. He is on his own for three days and then allows himself be recaptured. Brought back to Ardsmuir, Jamie is doused with water by the guards and brought alone to a cold storeroom. He is wet and freezing cold. Guards come to take him away, he fears flogging or worse, the irons, but is taken to Major Grey’s office.

The Major asks why he escaped and what he knows. Jamie steadfastly refuses to give any information. Eventually, it dawns on Grey that the only way to get more information is to get to know Jamie and he invites him to supper the next night. Jamie accepts and they begin a regular weekly meeting over supper and chess. Grey, in an effort to find a chink in Jamie’s armour, investigates Jamie’s family. Grey reveals knowledge of Jamie’s family, making none too subtle threats upon them. In the face of this Jamie reveals the full truth and provides evidence to prove it.

The matter of the French gold settled, Grey and Jamie continue their regular suppers and games of chess During one game Grey successfully uses a particular chess move. He says the move was taught to him by his elder brother – Jamie casually makes it known that he is aware of Grey’s elder brothers name – Lord Melton. Grey now understands that Jamie has always known who he is.

Talk of loved ones has brought thoughts of Claire to the forefront of Jamie’s consciousness and he dreams of making love to her.

Jun 18, 1755, Grey and Jamie play chess, we hear Grey’s thoughts, he loves Jamie (well, don’t we all?). Grey reaches out and places his hand upon Jamie’s upturned palm. Jamie has turned to stone, he tells Grey to take his hand off him or he will kill him. Grey slowly removes his hand. Jamie wordlessly leaves the room.

A piece of banned tartan is found. Jamie takes the blame for it. He is flogged. Jamie recalls being attended to by a doctor after he was first flogged at 19. During these scenes we see Jamie’s courage and leadership and the growth of his friendship with John. Grey knows he had to inflict the punishment but at least has the good grace to be sick over it. The man responsible for having the piece of tartan is punished by the other imprisoned men.

June 2, 1968 – Inverness
Roger comes downstairs to find Claire slumped in sleep on the sofa, clutching a crumpled piece of paper to her body. He gently frees the paper and sees the name – Jamie’s name. Claire has found him.

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