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Outlander Imagined 304 We Have Found Him

Outlander Imagined 304 We Have Found Him

Maybe the professional writers of Outlander will follow a similar theme, or maybe not. Here is my idea of Outlander Season 3, episode 4.

EPISODE 4 – We Have Found Him

Brianna and Roger have found he record of Jamie’s pardon, dated 1764. Claire, Brianna and Roger cruise on Loch Ness. While Brianna sleeps Claire and Roger discuss Claire going back through the stones. During the conversation Roger states his dedication to Brianna. They recall Gillian Edgars and her theory of time travel. Roger reveals to Claire that he can hear the stones as well.


Claire returns to Boston (Brianna is still in Scotland) and she goes to see her friend and fellow doctor, Joe Abernathy, a person she trusts, who calls her by a nickname, Lady Jane. We get some insight into Claire becoming a surgeon.

Claire in medical school

Flashback to Helwater – In time, Jamie changes his opinion of Grey, he realised Grey had used his influence to protect him for the perils of transportation and had given him the closest thing he could to a normal life, in fresh air and with the horses Jamie loved. William is growing up. His resemblance to Jamie is becoming obvious. Jamie understands now must leave Helwater. He asks Lady Dunsany to arrange it.

Boston – 1968
Claire arrives back in Boston where she must fulfil various obligations. She finds herself querying her need for modern conveniences recalling her upbringing with Uncle Lamb when she managed perfectly well without them. Claire reminisces about Brianna growing up, and her love for small objects garnered in childhood, just like Jamie’s tendency to keep a few small keepsakes in his sporran.

Flashback to 1966 – Frank provokes a fight with Claire, he flatly tells her he’s leaving to live in England, and that he’s taking Brianna with him. Claire let’s him know she is well aware of his affairs, he accuses her of sleeping with Joe. They argue more then Frank storms off in the middle of the night taking the car. The roads are treacherous, slick with black ice. Rather than stay at home after the fight Claire goes to the hospital to check on a patient. She is having a coffee in an otherwise empty cafeteria when an ER nurse enters. Claire knows the look, it’s bad news. Frank has been brought in by ambulance – he is DOA.

Back to 1968 – Claire cannot sleep in the marital bed, she settles on the sofa downstairs. Next morning a telegram arrives, only too aware these are often bad news Claire carefully opens the yellow envelope. “HAVE FOUND HIM STOP, it read. WILL YOU COME BACK QUERY ROGER.”


Claire goes to see Joe Abernathy. A student brings a specimen of an old skeleton for Joe to assess. Joe asks Claire to help and Claire declares the woman didn’t want to die, she was killed. The bones belonged to a white woman, they were found in a cave in the Carribean, they are around 200 years old.

Claire needs reassurance that she is still attractive, Joe exclaims that she has found a man at last. Claire says, yes, but it’s someone she hasn’t seen in twenty years. Joe asks is the man is Bree’s father. Claire is joyful that she is able to speak of Jamie again. Claire asks a favor of Joe and leaves the hospital having resigned and left documentation sorting out her affairs. Claire is on her way back to Scotland.

Brianna and Roger have found Alexander Malcolm, Printer, they are sure it’s Jamie. Claire organises to go back, back in time. She goes looking for time appropriate clothes and money etc. to take with her. They have a last meal together, strained by the knowledge of Claire’s imminent departure. The stress falls away as they go back to the manse, making toasts to the future and the past, however their heightened emotions end in hugs of farewell.

It is Samhain (Halloween). Brianna shares with Roger that she will miss her mother. Roger tells Brianna he cares about her. In the middle of the night we find Roger by the fire. He cannot sleep and Claire, also unable to sleep, comes down and talks with Roger. She hands him an envelope. It is her farewell letter to Brianna. She cannot bear to say goodbye to her and plans to leave very early, alone – she has arranged for a driver. Claire climbs the hillside at dawn, rising up towards the stones of Craigh na Dun. She is surprised to find Brianna and Roger waiting for her, Brianna is dressed in an 18th century style dress. She tells Claire that she is also able to hear the stones. Claire hesitates, but Brianna encourages her saying that her father, Jamie, must know she was born. Claire goes through the stones, it is a leap of faith.


Claire has made it through and awakens wet through from rain and mist, getting her bearings and focusing her thoughts on Jamie. She finds her way to Inverness and Claire catches a carriage to Edinburgh and goes to find Jamie. After brief enquiries she finds him in his printshop, she reaches out to touch him. He can’t believe she’s real. He faints. Claire sits on the floor cradling his head on her lap.