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Outlander Imagined 313 It’s Super Busy On The Beach OR Do We Really Need To Go On Another Boat?

Outlander Imagined 313 It’s Super Busy On The Beach OR Do We Really Need To Go On Another Boat?

Dear Mr Albrecht – Ron Moore wants to talk to you… “Hey, Chris I think we’re gonna need more minutes for this one. The fans will be crying (or maybe yelling) if we shortchange them here. Remember when we were at Lallybroch for a millisecond in 2×08? The fans still haven’t forgiven us.” True that…


Mr Willoughby is still missing, that may be good thing considering what the militia want to do to him if they find him. Jamie and Claire make their way on horseback along a narrow path through the lush country side to Rose Hall. The journey is blessed relief after the stresses in Kingston. They find the plantation house, Rose Hall. The imposing building sits on a rise overlooking the fields of cane and coffee. Nearby structures are more workmanlike, a sugar press and a refinery. Claire and Jamie keep a constant watch for any pale skinned young man who may be Young Ian. Jamie and Claire knock on the door and ask to see Mrs Aberbathy. They are welcomed in by a somewhat surprised slave woman. It seems Mrs Abernathy does not get many visitors. Claire is unsettled by the confusing decor in the room where they have been taken, some is tropical wicker and rattan style, some strongly reinforces the Jacobite cause, with the white Rose of the Stuart’s decorating various objects and surfaces, yet more is disturbingly ornamented with what appear to be fertility idols more appropriate to a museum that a drawing room.


Mrs Abernathy enters the room and it’s like Jamie has been physically struck, Claire drops the small silver cup she was holding. A very familiar voice speaks to Claire “Kept your girlish figure, I see, Claire.” After recovering from the shock of seeing the identity of Mrs Abernathy, Claire says “I trust you won’t take this the wrong way, but why aren’t you dead?” Mrs Abernathy is in fact Geillis Duncan. She has somehow escaped being burned at the stake. Geillis’s lilting voice is the same but she now carries more weight on her slight frame. Claire is almost lost for words (yes, I know!) and asks the first thing she can think of, did Geillis know Claire had travelled through the stones? Geillis confirms she thought Claire was a bit strange, but didn’t really know she was from another time at first. Geillis figures Claire came through, accidentally around one the feast days, like those detailed in her notebook. Claire recollects the list of hundreds of names in the notebook – presumably those who accidentally went through the stones like Claire.


She confesses to Claire she left in 1967 to help the Jacobite cause. She pours scorn on Prince Charles Edward Stuart. If she had known of the outcome she would have gone to Italy and killed him herself Geillis now understands that it was Claire who called her name as she went through the stones in 1967 and she saw Roger and Bree too. Geillis explains how she suffered being kept in the thieves hole for three months, and only taken out when she was about to give birth. The birth took place in her own bedroom at the fiscal’s house. She had threatened the life of her newborn to force Dougal to save her. Then she manipulated Dougal to get him to use the body of a dead woman to avoid being burned at the stake herself. Geillis makes lewd comments about how men can be lead, referring to carved idols, girly magazines and secret French books and pictures. Claire is disgusted that Geillis could even think of harming her own baby. Geillis explains, in detail, how she was present at her own execution and then Dougal had got her away to France.

Jamie explains they are looking for his kinsman Ian Murray. Geillis denies have any indentured whites on her plantation. Claire and Jamie both know she is lying. She was not at all surprised at their sudden appearance, so someone must have mentioned them, probably Ian himself. Geillis’s callous disregard for others becomes apparent when she asks Claire to help two of her slaves who are sick. Jamie takes the opportunity to go to the sugar press he’d observed wasn’t working. Geillis tells Claire of a slave who died from an allergic reaction, she is not concerned about the death and actually rather happy the occurrence enhanced her reputation as a witch. Claire removes a worm from a slaves eye, the other patient has just died. He could have been attended to except due the delay of taking tea, Claire finds him freshly dead. Whether this further demonstration of Claire’s healing skills will make it into the episode is in question, although it does show Geillis’s total disregard of others.

Claire offers to see all the other slaves to check their health, and to find out is Ian is there. She speaks to a pregnant slave in the kitchen asking after Ian. She is met with a wall of uncomfortable silence, but she presses a florin into the girl’s hand giving her a message to pass on to Ian. Again this diversion serves no real purpose, so it may be omitted. While Claire and Jamie have been absent, Geillis has helped herself to the packet of photographs Jamie was carrying in the pocket of his coat. Claire is sick at the sight of Geillis looking at the photographs. Coffee has arrived and Claire feels nervous to drink it, as Geillis comes to understand the existence of the photographs means Claire travelled through the stone three times. Geills asks how she survived, did she use blood or stones? Claire says she used neither, and asks “what stones?” Geillis proceeds to open a secret cavity in the hearth, revealing a water damaged box. The box contains the silkies treasure, a sure sign that Young Ian is here.

Geillis invites Claire to see her workroom. It is reminiscent of her loft in Cranesmuir, herbs and bottles arranged throughout the room. Geillis shows Claire a bottle containing unknown ingredients which make a human turn into a zombie. Only the slave Ishmael knows the recipe and he has run off. The very same Ismael Jamie and Claire had rescued then freed. Geillis shows Claire more gemstones, stones of protection, amethyst, emerald, turquoise, lapis lazuli, and a male ruby and explains the blood sacrifice gives greater range while travelling through the stones. Claire just wants to get away, hoping Jamie has found some news of Ian. Geillis takes Claire back downstairs, she is expecting the parson later, so Claire and Jamie should leave. Jamie returns from mending the sugar press, he is sweaty from exertion. He picks up his coat instantly realises the photographs are missing. Claire signals to him she has them. They leave Rose Hall and are glad to go.

Jamie tells Claire the overseer has told him very bad things about what happens at Rose Hall. He knows where Ian is being held, he saw a big slave guarding what looked like a door set into the ground in an area where Jamie had not been allowed to go. A storm threatens and Jamie creates a shelter from the trees. The storm breaks pelting rain, Claire and Jamie huddle together in the not quite waterproof shelter. Claire feels comfort in Jamie’s closeness and knowing they are close to rescuing Ian, she wonders about where they will go afterwards. Claire gives Jamie back the photographs. Jamie looks through them and knows one is missing. Geillis has stolen it. Claire’s joy disappears, to be replaced by dread at the thought of what Geillis might be planning. As the storm passes Claire and Jamie, still hidden in the jungle of trees, see a distant figure making its way up the trail. Claire recalls that the parson is due. They remain quiet and motionless until the parson passes – it it Archie Campbell.

Jamie decides Ian cannot be rescued until the darkest night in two days, he’ll need time to gather men and a boat – and weapons. Weapons are expensive and difficult to get, Jamie tells Claire he must ask John for help. Jamie is resigned to the fact Claire will insist on coming with the rescue party, but he has a request, “Only do me the one wee favor, Sassenach. Try verra hard not to be killed or cut to pieces, aye? It’s hard on a man’s sensibilities.” Oh, dear… Red rag to a bull!

Come the night of their rescue mission Claire is surprised they are not alone on the water. The river is busy with boat traffic, a legacy of poor road infrastructure. Lawrence Stern has accompanied Jamie, Claire and six Scottish men so their small boat is already crowded. Lawrence Stern confesses he has met Mrs Abernathy when he visited Rose Hall to get permission to collect a rare beetle. She had made him most welcome, while grilling him for information on herbs and his stories of other places he had been in Hispaniola. In the dark Lawrence’s face cannot be seen but his tone of voice gives away the fact he was somewhat attracted to her. Then he likens her to a type of fly where the male brings a gift distracting the female to eat while he enacts his reproductive duties, then flees.

They come ashore, leaving Claire at the boat with strict instructions to stay put (well, we know how well that worked in the past, don’t we?) as they head to the refinery . The outline of the house is visible – three windows are on the lower level are lit. Claire tried, (I’m sure she really did!) but when she sees a lean angular silhouette she cannot resist going up to the house expecting to find Ian. The house and surrounds are eerily silent with a feeling of being deserted as she enters through an already open door. Claire hisses out Ian’s name, but is surprised to find the man is Reverend Campbell instead. Claire pretends she is Geillis’s guest to explain her presence. He challenges her regarding Jamie’s indentity, still claiming he was the one who destroyed his sister Margaret. He takes on a maniacal look as Claire lies to him about Jamie current whereabouts. He grabs her arm, Claire manages to free herself. Also, she can’t believe what she has just seen on the verandah. A pelican.

The Reverend does not believe her story, Claire tries to extricate herself from the room saying he must have important work to do. He says it’s done already, and starts talking about Scottish history. Claire’s interest is only piqued when she see the Fraser name on the documents he has prepared at Mrs Abernathy’s request. The sight of the papers sends a chill up Claire’s spine, when Archie Campbell talks of the prophecy of the Brahan Seer (Scotland’s version of Nostradamus). The prophecy, written in Gaelic, concerns the Fraser’s of Lovat. Claire is now convinced Geillis’s sudden disappearance is connected to the prophecy. Geillis appears to have collected her resources, the gems from the silkies isle and done her research. Claire fears what use has been made of Brianna’s photograph.

Mr Willoughby appears, looking bedraggled and hungry, he is confronted by the Reverend who calls him a murderer. Mr Willoughby turns the accusation around (right back at ya!) saying the “holy fella” is the murderer. Confronted by this the Reverend tells him to leave, but Mr Willoughby continues his accusations telling him he saw him with Mrs Alcott at the Governor’s welcome ball. Not only that, he knows the Reverend is the Edinburgh Fiend. Mr Willoughby now insists he be called by his correct name, Yi Tien Cho. The Reverend becomes white from rage and turns on Yi Tien Cho. Claire intervenes and draws the pistol she had carried in her pocket and tells the Reverend to stand still. At a loss at what to call the Chinaman, she uses his full name and asks Yi Tien Cho if he saw the Reverend kill Mrs Alcott. Archie Campbell is outraged Claire would believe a Chinaman rather than him. They were both in Edinburgh at the same time. Then he says why would she believe the word of someone who betrayed her husband. Claire is shocked when the Reverend tells her Sir Percival had told him that himself. Claire is is still holding the pistol, trying to redirect the Reverend to the pantry where she can lock him up. However she fires when the Reverend lunges at her. He is not hit, but his demeanour changes as he reaches into the depths of his coat and brings out a knife.

Claire feels trapped in time itself as he approaches her. She cannot run, the memory of her cutlass wound is very fresh, she knows what is to come. Just as she thinks all is lost there is movement and a thunking noise. The Reverend drops like a rock, not even trying to put out a hand to save himself. Yi Tien Cho retrieves the stone ball which has caused a considerable indentation in the Reverend’s temple. The Reverend is not yet dead, Claire can hear his rasping breath. Yi Tien Cho asks if Jamie is there, Claire manages to tell him that yes, Jamie is there, waving vaguely. Then she directly asks him if he, Mr Willoughby (an English name, not an Englishman) betrayed Jamie, uncertain if this will provoke an attack on herself, did he tell Sir Percival? Yi Tien Cho is indignant. He is not Mr Willoughby, he is Yi Tein Cho. He seems resentful that Jamie changed his name and refers to ghosts in a Chinese prophecy – white people are the ghosts. He blames Jamie for taking away his name and his soul. In anger and while drunk he betrayed Jamie. Now he feels he is the ghost and disappears into the night with the pelican. Reverend Campbell is now quite dead, and Claire has no wish to stay in the same room with him. She goes upstairs to Geillis’s workroom trying to figure out where Geillis may have gone. There is a smell, a vapour from something being burned. Claire sneezes and recognises the smell of burned mercury, quicksilver. She then sees something very disturbing, the shape of a pentagram burned into the wood, in its centre lies the photograph of Brianna, singed at the edges. Claire’s heart skips a beat as she clutches the photograph to her chest. What does this mean? Geillis’s strange sense of magic at play? But how does it involve Brianna? Then Claire understands, while the Fraser of Lovat lineage had died out in the 1800’s there still existed one link to the line – one who still lived in 1968 – that person is Brianna. Growling in anger, Claire whirls out of the room intent on finding Jamie.

The empty boat still floated where they had left it. In an effort to go to find Jamie, Claire manages to step on a crocodile. Neither are happy about the encounter. Claire is knocked over and scrambles through the mud to escape. As she does so she runs into a man, a Maroon, other men who are with him surround the crocodile. The men wrestle the huge animal, overwhelming it, and eventually killing it. Claire finds their leader is Ishmael, he also sees her. Now it is Claire turn to be overwhelmed by the entire evenings proceedings, and she collapses, unable to talk. The men carry her bodily through the cane fields.

As they enter a clearing surrounded by huts Claire feigns unconsciousness trying to understand what is going on before she demonstrably wakes. She is desperate to know where Jamie is, and concerned about him finding the bloody wallow where he had told her to stay. There is an air of festivity in the camp, the smell of cooking and movement of people. Claire can’t see far, but also can’t see a way out without being seen. She is surprised by a figure at the doorway of the hut. She screams in fear seeing the figure wearing the recently deceased crocodile’s head. The man tells her to be quiet. It is Ishmael. He asks why she is there, and seeing no reason not to, she tells him. Ishmael tells her Geillis is gone and she has taken Ian with her. And that Geillis likes boys. As they speak another person appears, Miss Margaret Campbell. Though seeming better than when Claire saw her last, it is apparent that Miss Campbell is still not quite right. Miss Campbell is exceedingly polite, inviting Claire for tea, not to mention very much at home with the Maroons. They leave the hut and move toward the fire where chunks of crocodile meat is already sizzling on stakes. Men, women and children are gathered around the fire. Casual chatter is halted by a word from one of the men, and Miss Campbell takes her place of honour at a dias of stacked planks, where she invites Claire to join her. Proceedings begin when a man beats a small drum to the rhythm of a heart beat. A strange ceremony begins, with Miss Campbell’s participation integral to it. Claire is offered a drink in a cup made from horn, she accepts it and drinks. Everyone consumes the same drink. Ishmael sings, Claire is struck by the likeness of his voice to Joe Abernathy’s. Claire closes her eyes affected by whatever herb was in the drink, she loses a sense of time, but is aware when the singing stops. There is absolute silence but for the crackle of flames and whisper of rustling cane. Ishmael announces “They are have come.” A series of people approach Miss Campbell, who seems to have become a vessel for others to speak through her, as the voice emanating from her is not her own, but changing from female to male, middle aged to old. The people seek life advice and guidance, which is duly given by the entities speaking through Miss Campbell. The ceremony continues with those satisfied melting away into the darkness until few remain. Miss Campbell has a blank look about her, as Ishmael asks further questions, which are answered. Then Claire sees Jamie emerge from the cane, and desperately wants to rush to him. He indicates she should remain quiet, and just as she is about to step away another voice emanates from Miss Campbell, shocking them both.

It is Brianna’s voice, calling Jamie “Daddy” and Claire “Mama” and saying she has been dreaming about Jamie and imploring Jamie not to let Claire go alone. Then declaring love for both Daddy and Mama Miss Campbell leans towards Claire and kisses her. Claire unconsciously leaps for Jamie, burying her face in his shoulder. Then Jamie tells Claire “She’s gone.” And Miss Campbell is taken away, being looked after by two women. Jamie says they will not leave without Ian, but Ishmael says he’s already gone, taken away by Geillis, to Abandawe, a place she learned about from Lawrence Stern. It’s a cave, a magic place. Ishmael tells them the message from Bouassa via Margaret Campbell said “the Maggot die, three days. She taken the boy, he die. You go follow them, mon, you die, too, sure.” “Holy Michael defend us,” muttered Jamie, as he looked at the hills which glowed with the fire of burning plantations. Women come to take Margaret away, Jamie speaks to her and passes on a kiss from her Ewan, she says she will be with Ewan soon and thanks Jamie. He goes to stop her being taken away, but Claire tells him Miss Campbell is better off with them, he wordlessly nods his agreement.

Fire flickers in the upper level of Rose Hall as they leave… Jamie goes to Lord John Grey to secure use of a boat to get to Abandawe. John is quite prepared to give a vessel and is about to write out orders, when Jamie says it’s much better for John if they steal the boat, therefore no leaving any link between them. Lord John says that with the plantations on fire, hundreds of slaves disappeared and a murderer about no one will bother about Jamie. Still Jamie insists he steal the boat, but John’s sense of honour is affronted by the suggestion he could stand by and see Jamie hang rather than besmirch his own reputation. Jamie says for the sake of friendship John must let him steal the boat, in return John asks Jamie to try very hard not to be captured. So it is settled, but not before John gives them information about where he has sent troops. Jamie and Claire also have secret information, but the do not share it – they have seen the slaves take over the Bruja and sail away. John suggests Claire stays behind for her safety, but Jamie tells him she must come with them. A flicker of jealousy crosses John’s face as he wishes them luck and the help of God. Jamie insists Fergus remains behind with Marsali, who he deems “too young to be widowed”, after admitting he was wrong about her being too young to be “marrit”. Fergus is unhappy about staying behind but he finally acquiesces.

Jamie, Claire, Lawrence Stern and the Scottish smugglers set off in the vessel they have “stolen” from Lord John. In an effort to make it look real they have bound the men at the dock. The vessel is barely big enough to warrant the title of “ship” but it seemed seaworthy enough. Claire and Lawrence Stern have a discussion about the basis of belief as they sail into the dark velvet night. At Claire’s urging Jamie lies along the plank which forms their seat, his head resting in Claire’s lap. In an effort to soothe them both she strokes his hair until he drifts off into sleep. Later they talk, the tenor of the conversation changes when Claire asks what they found at the Rose Hall plantation. What of the other boys Ishmael had seen? Jamie replies. “We found them,” he said softly, from the darkness. His hand rested on my knee, and squeezed gently. “Dinna ask more, Sassenach—for I willna tell ye.” Jamie did not find Ian at the plantation, he is sustained by nothing but the belief that Young Ian is still alive.

They anchor is a small bay on a isle in Hispaniola, Jamie carries Claire ashore advising one of the Scots, Innes, they will meet again in four days. All but, himself, Claire and Stern will remain behind with the vessel as they search. Innes is shocked. All the men are willing to help, but Jamie is insistent the greatest help they can provide is to wait. If another ship comes they are to leave. Despite his disapproval Duncan Innes reluctantly accepts Jamie’s command. The trio make their was through the steamy lush jungle, little conversation is had. Jamie and Claire cannot talk of Brianna in Stern’s presence and they cannot plan as they do not know what lies ahead.

Towards noon on the second day they emerge from the jungle. An ancient stone circle awaits in a clearing. Jamie tells Claire not to go near it, asking her if she can hear the stones. Lawrence Stern hears Jamie’s comment, saying nothing but looking startled. Claire is unsure of the hum she hears is merely insects or coming from the stones. She experimentally reaches out to touch one and is immediately affected She feels herself being torn from reality and sees a vision of Geillis Duncan, her eyes beckoning Claire. Claire wakes to find an anxious Jamie and Lawrence Stern hovering over her, bathing her face. She tells them Geillis is nearby, perhaps in a cave. Lawrence says the cave is nearby. Claire alerts Jamie saying Geillis knows they are here, specifically she knows Claire is there. Jamie prays “A Mhìcheal bheannaichte, dìon sinn bho dheamhainnean,” he said softly, and turned toward the edge of the hill. Blessed Michael, defend us from demons.”

Claire and Jamie enter the cave, having instructed Stern to remain behind in case they don’t return. It is so black they cannot see a hand in front of their faces. Claire feels and hears the power of the cavern, her bones are vibrating like a bell being struck inside her very being. The floor is uneven, breeze flows from side passages. Claire asks Jamie if he can hear the stone, he cannot. Claire fears being pulled into them, fears dying if she goes through again. Jamie grips Claire in a hard hug, then commands her to stay, Jamie moves ahead of her insisting she grip his belt and not let go for anything. Jamie pauses, allowing Claire to come beside him once more. He has something he must say. If it comes to a choice of him or her being killed by Geillis, he says it must be him so Claire can go back through. If Geillis has gone through Claire knows she must follow. Jamie has a request. “Then kiss me, Claire,” he whispered. “And know that you are more to me than life, and I have no regret.” Claire has no words, she first kisses his hand, crooked fingers warm under her lips, then his mouth, unable to tell if the salty taste of tears was his or her own, full of love and anguish. Claire releases him saying “This way”, turning towards a left hand tunnel. Within ten paces she sees the light.

They come upon a cavern, lit by a flaming torch, making the mineralised walls sparkle. Geillis is bending down making lines on the floor using powered gemstones. She is creating a pentagram around the prostrate body of a bound and gagged Ian. Ominously, an obsidian axe lies beside him. Geillis is armed with two pistols both primed to go off, one ready in her hand the other carried through her belt. The lines are now complete, the floor glistens with colored gemstones and lines of quicksilver, she trains a pistol onto Jamie. Geillis explains the diamond dust keeps down the noise. Claire might disagree, she is feeling sick and is sweating. Geillis reaches down and pats Ian, to which Jamie reacts violently and steps forward. Geillis raises her pistol to him. Jamie says he wants to take what’s his – his family – Geillis says he can’t take Ian and threatens to kill Jamie if he takes another step. She would kill him now except Claire seems fond of him. Geillis refers to Claire trying to save her at Craigh na Dun and that she had saved Claire at the witch trial – they are even now. Geillis pours brandy over Ian, he cannot protest except to try to buck and kick. Geillis responds by kicking him in the ribs and demanding he be still. Claire implores Geillis not to do it, already knowing her words will not be heeded. Then Geillis makes her biggest mistake, she says she will have to take the girl. Jamie asks “What girl?” Geillis says, “Brianna? That’s the name, isn’t it? The last of Lovat’s line” She shook back her heavy hair, smoothing it out of her face. “The last of Lovat’s line.” Geillis couldn’t believe her luck, when they visited giving her information on Brianna. Jamie and Claire are both horror struck.

Their instincts kick in, Jamie lunges at Geillis who shoots at him, his head snaps back, he falls. Claire feels an incredibly strong basic instinct welling up inside her, one she has only felt once before when Brianna had been in danger. Geillis shoots at Claire, but Claire has already reacted, she has reached for the obsidian axe. She is overtaken by what Jamie has referred to as “the red thing”, she swings the axe surely without rage, fear or doubt. Geillis stumbles forward, her eyes wide with the knowledge of her own death, and falls. Jamie has risen to his knees, his face half covered with blood, as Claire goes to stem the bleeding Jamie says he can hear the wind rising, whining through the stone tunnels – a storm is coming. Jamie has crawled to Ian, and is freeing him from his bonds. As they ready themselves to leave, the rising wind extinguishes the flame and they are plunged into utter darkness, but not before seeing one last sight of Geillis’s body laying amid the pentagram. Young Ian is terrified. Jamie tries to calm him but inadvertently says the wrong thing “The cave is breathing”. Claire already feels like she is inside a living thing and is struck cold with horror. Ian is likewise further unsettled and clutches onto Claire’s arm in the dark. The whistling of the wind rises confusing both Ian and Claire, it’s like Geillis is coming after them. They reach out for Jamie, who presses them both to his chest vowing never to let Geillis touch them. They exit the cave finding the storm had passed revealing a fresh, brightly lit world making their eyes hurt after the darkness of the cave. Lawrence Stern is relieved to see them, noting Jamie is covered with blood, He does not ask after Mrs Abernathy. Jamie introduces Ian and Dr Stern, acknowledging Stern’s assistance in helping them find him. Ian bobs his head in respect, thanking him. In a massive understatement Ian says “I knew ye’d come, Uncle Jamie, but ye left it a bit late, aye?” Ian smiles then shock sets in and Jamie takes a trembling Ian in an embrace murmuring comforts to him in Gaelic. Stern takes Claire by her arm, concerned about her wellbeing. Claire feels detached, shattered and empty, as if the world is unreal. Taking up Stern’s extremely good suggestion that they leave the area, they make their way down toward the coast. Claire is responding like a clockwork machine allowing Lawrence Stern and Ian to organise camp for the night while she tends to the wound on Jamie’s head. She bathes the blood from his scalp marvelling that the lead ball has pierced the skin, travelled over his skull and remains embedded under skin at the back of his head. Claire proceeds to remove it then she dissolves into tears, not even sure why she is crying.

Jamie takes her into his arms, she sits on his knees held in his tight embrace as he whispers sweet comforts to her, resting his cheek on the top of her head until peace returns to her soul. Claire eventually falls asleep in his embrace. Jamie remains by her side, touching her for reassurance, through the night, but she wakes to hear Ian talking to Jamie about his experiences on the Bruja and at Rose Hall plantation. He tells of his relatively good treatment onboard the ship and being delivered directly from the ship to the plantation. Ian’s tale of his time being held at the plantation is haunting. It appears that Geillis was seeking virginal boys, for whatever her intent and actions, for those were the lads who did not return to the prison within the plantation, in the basement of the sugar mill. As for Ian himself, when his turn had come he had tried to resist, but he no chance against the big slave Hercules. He had been taken to the kitchen, stripped, bathed and dressed in nothing but a shirt. In Geillis’s bedroom, given had been given a spiked drink and questioned about family and then his sexual experience. He had told her the truth, about family, his uncle, Edinburg, the printshop, the brothel and that he was not a virgin. While the fact that Ian was not a virgin angered her, and this scared him, he was unable to move. She then ranted about him being “ruined”. However, she drank more wine and said she could find other uses for him. Ian slows down, wanting to talk but needing courage to do so. Jamie encourages him to get the story off his chest. Geillis made him stand up and performed oral sex on him. Despite himself, he was unable to prevent it when she led him to her bed. Whatever occurred was aided by one of the big slaves holding up a candlestick to provide light for Geillis to observe. Ian asks Jamie if he has ever lain with a woman when he didn’t want to do it, Jamie confesses that he has and tells Ian he might have a conscience but his cock doesn’t.

Ian asks Jaime if he knows what happened to the other boys, Jamie quietly lies to him saying “I’ve no notion”, then suggests they get some sleep – it’s a long walk back to the shore tomorrow. Ian sleeps, but Claire and Jamie are awake. They discuss where they will go. Jamie thinks it best not to return to Jamaica, but to go to neutral ground, a Dutch owned colony. They can send the vessel back to Jamaica with Duncan Innes and he can get a message to Fergus and Marsali to meet them. As for Yi Tien Cho, Jamie says he told him about a colony of Chinese traders, and he is confident he can make his way there. Claire asks if Jamie is angry about Yi Tien Cho’s betrayal. He says he is not, the man probably had no inkling of the consequences.


Jamie plans to send Ian back to Lallybroch at the first opportunity “even if he has to pack him up in a crate”. As Claire starts looking for her medical kit Jamie says he doesn’t have a fever, just a headache and she’s not going to stick that thing in him again. But it’s not for Jamie, Claire fears Ian may have been exposed to a Syphilis or other disease. Claire believes Geillis was not in her right mind, perhaps she was mentally affected by Syphilis. Jamie suggests she do the injection privately, as a curious Lawrence Stern may see her – he doesn’t want her burnt at the stake in Kingston. Even the Governor would be in an awkward position, despite his private wish he might like to see her gone. Jamie needs sleep, asking Claire for his coat but he is not cold, he wants to have the bairns close to him while he sleeps. (Insert crying audience right here!). Next morning they travel to the coast, however before they even get there they see trouble. The Bruja has run aground the escaped slaves are milling around on the beach. In the distance a sail can be seen approaching. It is a British man-o-war, the slaves as panicking, some running to find shelter in the jungle. Jamie says they should retreat, but then Lawrence Stern sees another vessel, the Governor’s pinnace, sails billowing and racing into the bay. After weighing the odds Jamie gives the instruction, “Let’s go!” They race to the beach, into the shallows, gasping from the run. They are being chased, the Scots in the boat fire upon their pursuers, giving time to get all aboard. The Governor of Jamaica’s private pinnace is now zig zagging to avoid being hit by the cannon balls from the Porpoise. They come about coming very close under the larger vessels bow, surprised faces look down upon them. The smaller boat is manoeuvrable heading out of the bay whereas the Porpoise is still heading in. The Porpoise fires at them, fortunately missing. However, when the Porpoise fires upon the beached Bruja, and the fleeing slaves they do not miss. The Governor’s pinnace escapes the carnage, except for necessary discussion of the course to be set, there is little conversation. The vessel makes good headway in fair weather leaving behind he island of Hispaniola, well on their way to Eleuthera. Night falls, allowing them to rest. Come morning Jamie sees the Porpoise heading their way, no doubt planning the same outcome as befell the now destroyed Bruja.

The gap closes as time passes. The pinnace cannot hope to outrun the Porpoise. They are still out of firing range as night falls, having decided to head out to sea rather than risk slowing to navigate the shoals in the shallow water near the islands. As the sun rises so does the wind, the Porpoise puts up all possible sails, gaining on them. By mid morning cloud builds and the wind is stronger only benefitting the Porpoise until they decide they are close enough to fire upon the pinnace. As the morning drags on the Porpoise comes closer, periodically firing their cannon to trying out the distance. All aboard the pinnace tense, it seems inevitable the Porpoise will come within range to attack them. Wind rises to a whine, a heavy swell develops as rain falls. The sky turns a peculiar purple-green as the Porpoise is forced to reef in the canvas and drop more sails, slowing their progress. The weather continues to worsen, battering both men and vessels until near dark the Porpoise sustains crippling damage, the terrifying waves hitting it broadside. A few more waves sinks her. They watch from the pinnace helpless with horror. The storm is not finished with them yet, wind, lightning, continues relentlessly.

Claire remembers – A skull in my hands, with empty eyes that had once been the color of the hurricane sky. Claire’s hair stands on end from static electricity, crackling against her skin. She looked up to see the spars and rigging wreathed in the blue phosphorescence of St. Elmo’s fire. The electricity forms a ball which bounces around the deck, Jamie deflects it with his hand. Claire reaches for him and electricity passes between them (well, that actually happened in Season 1!).

Rain comes, then hail, a source of life-giving moisture collected by the crew, and more thunder and lightning. They are bombarded for hours, days… Eventually night inevitably gives way to day and the sky begins to lighten once more. The wind dries their skin and damages the boat until the mast breaks. The falling mast hits Claire on the head and she is knocked overboard. She is sinking, legs entangled in the rigging, drowning, unable to free herself. All seems lost. Jamie dives into the raging water willing her to the surface. If she dies he will kill her!

Claire wakes, her head still waterlogged, she thinks she is dead, but her leg hurts too much, so she must be alive. Jamie is by her side, wiping her face and telling her to blow her nose. This time he is the one tending to her. Now she knows she is alive, in a real bed, in a whitewashed room, realising she is naked. Jamie says he tore off her clothes to stop them dragging her down. This prompts her to ask where is his coat. It’s at the bottom of the ocean, his photographs of Brianna and the miniature of Willie are gone. Jamie is sad and Claire reaches out to comfort him. He retrieves something from the pocket of his breeches, showing his open injured palm to Claire. Gems sparkle, an emerald, a ruby—male, she supposed—a great fiery opal, a turquoise blue as the sky Claire could see out the window, a golden stone like sun trapped in honey, and the strange crystal purity of Geillis’s black diamond. First quality gems, suitable for Geillis’s strange form of magic.

The boat, with Ian, Lawrence and the crew have been washed ashore. Claire and Jamie spend time in peaceful solitude, just happy they are together until a hesitant knock on the door brings them back to reality. A pleasant young woman enters apologising for her lack of attention to them. She has just returned she says, and been informed of their presence. Jamie asks after Ian and the crew, he is informed they are presently in the kitchen being fed. Jamie is grateful for her hospitality.

The woman introduces herself as Patsy Olivier, Mrs Joseph Olivier of Les Perles. She is obviously expecting Claire and Jamie to introduce themselves as well. They hesitate, trying to work out where they are, and which country may be in power, perhaps putting them at risk. Eventually Jamie asks “What island is this?” Mrs. Olivier smiled indulgently. “You are not on an island at all. You are on the mainland; in the Colony of Georgia.” “Georgia,” Jamie said. “America?” He sounded slightly stunned, and no wonder. We had been blown at least six hundred miles by the storm. “America,” I said softly. “The New World.” The pulse beneath my fingers had quickened, echoing my own. A new world. Refuge. Freedom. “Yes,” said Mrs. Olivier, plainly having no idea what the news meant to us, but still smiling kindly from one to the other. “It is America.” Jamie straightened his shoulders and smiled back at her. The clean bright air stirred his hair like kindling flames. “In that case, ma’am,” he said, “my name is Jamie Fraser.” He looked then at me, eyes blue and brilliant as the sky behind him, and his heart beat strong in the palm of my hand. “And this is Claire,” he said. “My wife.”